Stories Of Change From The DRC

Claiming our rights!

For a long time people were not aware of their rights. In 1987, a mining company came into their area to do exploration. This phase saw many villagers losing their fields as the mine had to create roads. The local authorities supported the mining company. The Mineral Rights office in Justice and Peace helped the people so that they should claim their rights.

The right to vote is one of the right people claimed. They have been taught the values and importance of voting and the voting processes.

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Mr. Bagayasi expressed that they have been taught about voting and now they know and understand that a vote is a secret, a patriotic duty. However, he continued: “Many people went to vote but today the situation is not the same because people seem to have been deceived by the elected ones.” Nonetheless, people claim their rights, and their right is to make informed change through their vote.

 Story by Bagayasi Rwata Joseph (Vice president of J&P group in Burinyi Parish, Mwenga Territory)



Your vote is your right!

Minani received training on long term election observation from Justice and Peace. This training included people from different religions such as the Moslems, Protestants and others. They were taught the values of voting and the process, including how to choose good leaders. Currently there is an ongoing sensitization of electoral process in preparation to the up coming elections. “Many people went to vote but today the situation is not the same because people seem to have been deceived by the elected ones.”

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Minani’s says that his involvement in Justice and Peace has helped him to know different laws and to engage with the local authorities.

Story by Minani Dieudonne from Mwanda Parish


Muslims and Christians alike!
Sheik Omari is a Muslim trained by Justice and Peace as a long term election observer. He expressed that his relationship with the Christian community is an expression of unity of religious communities. We are so happy with that initiative and seeing people from different religions working side by side for the common good of the country.

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Through his participation in the long election observation, he was given an opportunity to bring his views to the government official. This expression portrayed the willingness and desire for respect of each person in their effort to promote human rights, credible elections and peace in DRC.

Story by Sheik Omari Nyazi






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