On January 10, 2021, according to credible sources, specifically in the locality of Mautu, in the district of Muyuka, Southwest region, nearly ten civilians (including women and children) were killed by Cameroonian soldiers who burst into the area and opened fire. They were: Tambe Anna, 50; Shey Keisa, 6; Obenegwa David, 30; Tembe Daniel, 32; Bruno Takang, 22; Ngoto Valentine Akama, 32; Takang Anyi Roger, 20; Ndakam Pascal, 22; and Egoshi Lucas, 25.

In communiqué No. 0030/CP/MINDEF/01 of 11 January 2021, from the army spokesman Colonel Cyrille Atonfack, it is stated that: “Cameroonian soldiers attacked a base of separatists caught by surprise in the middle of a regrouping. The latter opened fire on the soldiers who returned fire, killing several separatists and wounding several others who fled.

The communiqué also stated that the separatists have created images to incriminate the Defense and Security Forces and tarnish the image of the Cameroonian army.

However, eye witnesses reported to the BBC that the attack was conducted by armed men wearing uniforms of the Cameroonian military. More than 10 people were admitted to hospital for gunshot wounds.

For its part, the French Embassy in Yaounde, in a statement “condemns the attack in Mautu in the south-western region of Cameroon which resulted in 8 civilian casualties on Sunday, January 10, 2021 in circumstances as yet unclear. France also condemns the indiscriminate use of violence against civilians and calls for full light to be shed on this unjustifiable crime.



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