Military and Civilian Casualties Recorded in Bui Blood Bath

The armed conflict in Kumbo took a new twist, August 4, 2021 with several military and civilian deaths registered in Bui division. This was in an incident that happened in the area August 4th. An improvised explosive is said to have gone off, targeting a military convoy heading to Tadu in a village called Firkov few minutes from the administrative headquarters, Tobin. The explosive is reported to have hit and killed about 7 military elements. Survivors, our source said, suffered severe cuts and bleeding from the explosion. The incident provoked the remaining military elements who continued the journey on foot” a source says. He explained that “… along the way, a group of men, a carpenter and 4 of his apprentices who were returning from Tadu obviously unaware of the incident, met the military on foot at the next village called Yungkui. Out of fear and panic, they jumped off their bikes and ran into nearby bushes”. The source adds that the military opened fire at them, killing all. A lady and another elderly person have also feared dead as their whereabouts remain unknown. DHPI noted that it has become a trend now for the Cameroonian military forces to always take their frustration on the civilian population whenever they are provoked, attacked and some of their members killed by the non-state armed groups. With the rate at which the military are dying in their numbers, the government continues to give a deaf ear to calls for her to rethink her method of solving the conflict and climb down from her high horse and call for an all-inclusive dialogue.

Ambazonia Fighters Kill Two Civilians in Small Babanki

For the last three days, Kejom Ketinguh (Small Babanki), a village in Tubah Subdivision, North West region has been witnessing a tense atmosphere following the killing of two civilians on August 1, 2021. Maneh Mohvuh and Wondoh, natives of Small Babanki, were tagged as blacklegs and executed by armed separatists. Maneh is reported to have dressed in military attire and led a contingent of soldiers into Babanki to locate houses and bases of Ambazonia fighters. Separatists say the soldiers placed Maneh ahead to lead them to a house where some fighters were hiding. As he broke the door, the fighters rained bullets, killing him on the spot. The soldiers are said to have taken to their heels after the incident. A reinforcement of Ambazonia fighters reportedly arrived the scene and an examination of the corpse identified him as “a civilian who was wearing a military attire and a blackleg.” “His phone was taken and going through it, one of his friends called Wondoh it was revealed had been the one who alerted him to lead thé soldiers into the village,” said a source familiar with the story. That same night, Wondoh was picked up and killed by the Ambazonian fighters. “The two blacklegs have been working with the Cameroon government and the elected member of parliament for Tubah and Bafut, Aghor Oliver who hails from Small Babanki,” a separatist stated. Sources say Ambazonian fighters in Tubah and Small Babanki have promised hard times to all those siding with state forces.

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