“SADC Visits a Burning Kingdom Just To Take Pictures

Zakhele Magongo, the Nkhaba Member of Parliament (MP) says officials from the Southern African Development Community (SADC) have visited eSwatini four (4) times, just to take pictures while eSwatini burns. Addressing the Prime Minister (PM) inside Parliament on Thursday during a debate on issues under the PM’s office, the MP said he was eager to know who SADC normally speaks to when visiting the country, except to pose for pictures and leave. “This is a government that rules through lies as Ndzingeni MP mentioned. SADC came here just to pose for pictures and go. Who is this SADC talking to)? We are the Parliament,elected by the people but we have never been approached by SADC,” said the MP.

The Nkhaba MP said Swazis were oppressed by the current government and not allowed to talk about issues affecting their welfare. He said every-time when the people attempt to talk, they are shot adding that some went through a painful experience after the police fired a teargas. “Mswati messed-up this country the day he issued an order to shoot and kill dozens of protesting civilians, merely for demanding democratic reforms. As the situation stands, people are slowly getting used to the culture of resolving conflicts through the burning of structures, shooting and killing, it might take time to unlearn that. You can’t shoot and kill dozens of civilians and then mislead the world (SADC) that everything is normal. King Mswati has been delaying the political dialogue hoping that the political unrest would fade away like a mist when the sun emerges from the east, but unfortunately, the political unrest is slowly entering its second wave. It is clear that this Government is only concerned about structures not the people. As Swazis, we had all the time to sit down and talk but Mswati opted to host events and make political appointments. Furthermore, Mswati demonstrated arrogance and is slowly introducing a culture of burning structures, shooting and killing as a way of resolving political conflicts.”


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