The Bishop of Adigrat Eparchy, the diocese of Adigrat, Ethiopia, Abune Tesfaselassie Medhin, has released a letter highlighting the growing humanitarian crisis being faced in that country at the moment, particularly in the Tigray region, since 2020. he says “Extreme brutality has been the hallmark of the ongoing devastating genocidal war in Tigray which no one can assume this magnitude of pain endured by the entire population under siege and total blockage from all basic services for so long…the continuous brutal shelling and air bombardment of towns and villages in all districts throughout the nearby northern and eastern border districts within Tigray, are bringing incalculable destruction of lives and property; to mention only a few: Mekelle, Wukro, Adyabo districts, Sheraro, Shire, Rama, Adi Daero, Dedebit, Adigrat, in Gulomekada, Irob such as Dawhan, and Alitena-where our Catholic

Church’s Health Centre run by the Daughters of Charity Sisters is also shelled.” these acts of continuous violence re as a result of the Tigrayan Liberation Front’s efforts to secede from Ethiopia, claiming that the government of Prime Minister Abiy is illegitimate and has not held up its end of the negotiations to bring an end to the violence plaguing the country. “It is very painful and shocking to see horrifying acts of brutal crimes indiscriminate rain of artillery shelling & bombardments to civilians and then unable to get support to treat them. As a result, all life-saving humanitarian operations are almost totally halted across Tigray. Essential drugs for chronic patients are no more available (insulin, tablets of hypertension, ART, vaccine for rabbis, vaccinations for newly born children). Besides, it is extremely difficult to move across the rural areas of Tigray to see what is happening because there is no fuel and the humanitarian condition is expected to be very dire and requiring some sort of swift action with any possible means to help the people in this desperate situation. Survivors of brutal rape are unable to get post-rape care left with their wounds as a result of the complete siege/blockage. On the top of living through this state-planned siege and blockage, it is heart-bleeding reality and awesome crime too, that we are let down to live with over one and half million school children been deprived of their right to education for three years. In this critical situation we believe that the local and international collective civilized institutions and peace loving elements have to exercise their moral duty, be a voice for the voiceless, and enforce international treaties to save more than 7 million lives from vanishing. Therefore, the Catholic Church in Tigray is urging all the Catholic Networks & our Partners, the national & international religious leaders, respective UN Agencies, Organizations, democratic Governments, Peace-loving international community, to condemn these brutal genocidal acts.” the bishop is pleading with the global community to bring awareness to the issues they are facing, the genocide of innocent people, and the impending famine about to destroy the lives of millions of people in the region.

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