The killing of six primary school children in Kumba, Cameroon, by unidentified gunmen on Saturday 24 October has sparked international outrage. The statement below, issued hours after the incident by the Bishop of Kumba, gives the facts:

The Cameroon government immediately blamed separatist forces. The Ambazonian Interim Government however, rejects the allegations. In a statement issued the following day, Vice President Dabney Yerima says:

Yesterday, 24 October 2020, an act of despicable barbarism was perpetrated upon our people in Kumba, Meme County, Southern Cameroons. Eyewitnesses attest that at about 11:30am, armed men entered the Mother Francisca International Billingual Academy, Fiango Kumba and opened fire on students. Six students were killed, and many are being treated for life-threatening injuries. Our thoughts and prayers are with their families at this time of sorrow.

After an initial moment of pause, reflection and information-gathering, Ambazonia Intelligence Services have now confirmed that this act was committed by French Cameroun forces. The shell-casings found at the crime scene and some recovered from the bodies of the deceased children are bullets from sophisticated weapons possessed by the French Cameroun military. Yesterday’s atrocity was designed to spread fear within the civilian population. The car used for the operation is owned by the French Cameroun military. Yesterday’s massacre was executed with military precision.

All the perpetrators of these acts must be brought to justice. Ngarbuh, Kwakwa, Muyenge, Ikata, Muyuka, and now Kumba are unresolved massacres. Yesterday’s act has triggered international outrage. The world must understand that outrage alone will not address the root cause of the conflict.  Mindful of the continuous acts of violence perpetrated upon the people of Southern Cameroons, the Interim Government of Ambazonia is calling on the UN Security Council to press the regime in Yaoundé to commit to:

  • A UN humanitarian intervention in the Southern Cameroons.
  • An international fact-finding mission to investigate the crimes perpetrated in the Southern Cameroons.

The Interim Government of Ambazonia believes that only by engaging in the above actions would the facts of these massacres and atrocities be established and the perpetrators brought to justice.

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