Another petroleum company is coming under fire for its failure to deliver on its promises or improve the lives of people in the local community. This time it is SASOL, in Inhambane Province. This is not the first time. In 2019, young people rioted in front of the local administration claiming that subcontractors by Sasol had no preference for local workers citing the arrival of 100 workers from Maputo to work at Bonatti, a company subcontracted by Sasol. They also claimed that they were charged amounts up to 15 thousand meticais to get a job.

Law 21/2014 of 18 August article 12, dealing with work in the oil exploration sector, highlights the need for employment and technical and professional training of Mozambicans and their participation in the management and petroleum operations. Companies must include Mozambicans workers in jobs as well as in positions management (according to Decree no. 63/2011, of December 7th).

In addition to the lack of job opportunities, Sasol is also not complying with their social responsibility obligations.

In a survey conducted by DW in 2017, it was found that the promises made by Sasol in 2004, the year it began explore natural gas in southern Mozambique, were not being met. Residents of Pande, in the district of Inhassoro, said that Sasol started the construction of classrooms, but the works were not completed. It also wasn’t maintaining water holes as agreed.

In 2018, Sasol agreed with the Provincial Government of Inhambane to run an accountability program budgeted at 20 million dollars US, to be invested in the Vilankulo and Inhassoro districts. Each district would receive two million USD annually, which means that by 2025 at least eight millions USD may have been spent on this social responsibility program. However, the local communities are yet to benefit from these social investments.

Regulation on Resettlement Process of Economic Activities (Decree no. 31/2012 of August 8, 2012) establishes that affected communities are to be given opportunities and to directly benefit from investment projects.

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