1. Attacks Continue in Niassa

Niassa province remains under fire, with an as-yet-unidentified armed group sowing mourning and terror in two districts. Wednesday night 8 December, the district of Mecula was once again the scene of attacks, with the invasion of the Lichengue village, which is located just over 7 km from the headquarters of that district. At the scene, sources say, the group burned houses and vandalized the mobile phone network. The population was forced to take refuge in the district’s main village. The sources did not report any casualties.

At dawn on Thursday, the group carried out two attacks against vehicles, in the Chiconono village, in the district of Muembe. The attacks took place less than 20 km from the main village of Muembe. In these attacks, sources say, two people were seriously injured, while others were stripped of their property, including monetary values and mobile phones. The attacks have yet to be confirmed by authorities.

So far, the perpetrators of the attacks are unknown, but it is suspected that it is an arm of the insurgent group that attacks the province of Cabo Delgado and that, since the entry of foreign troops, it has lost ground in the North Operational Theatre. Pictures at left show the destruction.

Close to 800 people are camped in Lugenda fleeing attacks in Lichengue, Mecula. Many of these are without food, clothing and also no shelter to hide from wild animals, as this is a buffer zone of the Niassa Special Reserve (REN).

See pictures of the displaced below:


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