1. Interfaith Statement Signed in Pemba

On Monday 3 January, various faith leaders met in Pemba, and agreed on a document to outline their collective response to the violence in Cabo Delgado. The document, entitled “Religion as part of the Solution”, was as a result of meetings held by these same religious leaders throughout December 2022.

The statement unequivocally rejects all violence, as well as the association of the conflict and violence with the Muslim religion. It says that all religions are part of God’s design, and therefore are good.

It was an interreligious effort, and the document was signed by various delegates, including: Sheik Nze Assuate, representing the Islamic Council of Mozambique; Sheik Nassuaralahe Dula, of the Islamic Congress of Mozambique; Dom Antonio Juliasse Sandramo, of the Mozambican Catholic Bishops; Pastor Alberto Sabao of the Christian Council of Mozambique; Sheik Adbul Larifo Incacha of the Islamic Community of Cabo Delgado; Sheik Victorino Luis Promoja of the Muslim Youth Union; and Sheik Ismael Selemane of the Council of the Alimos of Cabo Delgado. The full statement translated into English is found below:


We, the religious leaders of Cabo Delgado gathered on December 14, 15 and 22, 2021 in the city of Pemba, in an inter-religious meeting to reflect on “Religion as part of this solution to the conflict in Cabo Delgado”, in a context where the province finds itself in a deep humanitarian crisis caused by terrorist violence, a regression of indicators of integral development is also aggravated by the consequences of the restrictive prevention measures against the Covid-19 pandemic, and several other worrying factors, such as the social inequalities that the province has historically attested, the high rate of illiteracy, the crisis of ethical-moral values, and the ethnic and religious polarization that threaten the current context and social life, among other problems that violate human dignity,


1. Our strong unity in the face of any threat of rupture and our unanimous rejection of terrorist and extremist acts, as well as our commitment to walk side by side in favor of peace and brotherhood;

2. Commit to continue to work for the true meaning of religion, so that society does not see religion as the cause of any conflict, in particular Islamic religion, the one most affected by prejudice;

3. Reject that terrorist acts are attributed to Muslim religion and anyone who associates such acts with the principles of Islam;

4. Be aware that religion aims to create happiness, reconciliation and peace in society and, for this reason, we repudiate and distance ourselves from acts and people who distort religious doctrines to justify any type of violence;

5. Our commitment to always show a positive and proactive attitude towards members of other religions, overcoming resistance, mistrust and prejudiced attitudes.

6. Work to promote mutual knowledge and sharing among religious.

7. That it is our common understanding that all religions form part of the design of the Almighty God and, therefore, is for the good. No true religious leader or prophet ever taught violence.

8. Believing in the dialogue within religions and between religions as a means of encounter and proper recognition.

9. To urge the entire society to dialogue in a frank, open, honest and inclusive manner and to tirelessly seek the resolution of any type of problem;

10. Manifest our repudiation of preconceptions that do not recognize the other as a similar being, with equal dignity. We support and embrace all aspects of Fundamental Human Rights that protect this dignity.

11. Our continued commitment to speaking at services so that we not only master the scriptures, but also the science to better interpret reality;

12. Always be at the forefront to mobilize and sensitize our adolescents and young people through messages that discourage adherence to extremism and any type of violence;

13. The permanent commitment to pray together for lasting peace;

14. Equally the commitment to welcome, accompany and “rehabilitate”, through intense and time-consuming psychosocial and spiritual work, adolescents and young people who have suffered the impact of violence, on the side of victims and perpetrators, in order to achieve their reconciliation and reintegration;

15. Always collaborate with the government, institutions and organizations dedicated to the cause of establishing peace in the province of Cabo Delgado.


2. Attacks in Cabo Delgado Continue

The village of Alberto Chipande, in the District of Mueda and near the Tanzanian border, was attacked by insurgents in the late afternoon of Friday 7 January 2022. Sources that spoke to Pinnacle News saw a beheaded corpse. Almost the entire population fled to neighbouring villages of Ngapa, Namatil, N’naida and Mocimboa do Rovuma. Those attempting to cross the Rovuma River into Tanzania were turned back by Tanzanian soldiers at the village of Maparaue.

An insurgent commander, Amade Muahamed Daude, was captured by SADC and Mozambican forces on 8 January 2022 in Macomia District.

32 years old, born in Tanzania, Tanzanian father and Mozambican mother, when he was 16 years old together with his parents, he came to live in Mozambique, Macomia and later in Mocimboa da Praia. He was recruited by Insurgents in 2016 and was taken to Congo and later Kenya and Tanzania where he received training, and returned to Mozambique in September 2017 and on 05/10/2017 participated in the attack on the PRM District Command in Mocimboa da Praia.

During the clashes in the last days of 2021 and first days of 2022 in Macomia where he commanded the attacks, he was captured with several other insurgents while trying to escape to Tanzania. During interrogation he said that they still have stronger and more powerful bases that the FDS, Rwanda and SADC have not located, such as:

1st base of the leader SHEIK HASSANE, Tanzanian, the Commander is ABU SURAT (Bonomade Machude Omar).

2nd Base run by SHEIK MUHAMMUD, Congolese and Commander is NGUBO (Kenyan).

3rd Base directed by IBRAHIM, Tanzanian and the Commander is NDAVELA (Mozambican).

4th Base run by the Mozambican SHEIK NAMATIL, serves as a training and recruitment camp for insurgents.

5th Base run by ABU BAZAR is located in CHAI.

6th Base led by Tanzanian ABU MUNIR and the Commander is NTECO a Mozambican.

He also said that they receive support from Congo and that they await the arrival of more weapons and other military material this 2022, and said that there are many weapons in these bases but lack of ammunition.

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