1. Government authorizes exploitation of rubies in industrial quantities in the Buffer Zone of the Niassa Reserve


The Administrator of the district of Mavago, in the province of Niassa, Momade Abdul Cadre, said that the

company Mavago Gems, had just obtained a license for the prospection and extraction of rubies, a stone

with great commercial value in the international market. According to the official, Mavago Gems intends to

start its activities in the second half of the current year, and the company’s technicians are currently

mobilizing the equipment for this purpose.


The Administrator considered that the entry of Mavago Gems will be a new stage in the economic and

social development of the district, through the creation of employment opportunities for local youth.

Meanwhile, according to sources in the conservation sector, the area is located in the buffer zone of the

Niassa Reserve. According to paragraph 1 of article 40 of Law no. 16/2014, of 20 June, the buffer zone is

understood as “a territorial portion of the conservation area, forming a transition strip between the

conservation area and the multiple use area with the aim of controlling and reduc ing the impacts arising

from activities incompatible with the conservation of biological diversity, both from the inside out and from

the outside into the conservation area.”


Due to the strict implementation of the law by the inspectors of the Niassa Reserve, it has already led the

population of the district of Mavago to complain to the Governor of Niassa when they were prevented

from exploiting minerals such as rubies, which in addition to being in the buffer zone, are also in the

interior of the Niassa Reserve. According to the Administrator of Mavago, the company Mavago Gems is of

foreign capital. But it is stated in the Bulletin of the Republic number 227, of November 26, 2020, III Series,

that the company is registered in the name of three Mozambicans who are owners of Mavago-Niassa Ruby

Mining Company, S.A., Mavago Exploration Company, S.A., Mavago Mining Company, S.A., Mavago

Resources, S.A. and also Mavago Gems, S.A., with headquarters in Maputo, and chaired by Radek de

Oliveira Baduro, a Mozambican businessman.


In recent years several miners have been arrested and convicted of carrying out their activities in the buffer

zones of wildlife conservation reserves and parks, but in contrast, government authorities grant licenses to

others to exploit mineral resources in similar areas.

O preço da corrupção, amiguismo e nepotismo na corporação (integritymagazine.co.mz)



2. Government security forces accused of atrocities against civilians in Cabo Delgado


The combination of the wet season, the lean season, and Ramadan continues to effectively pause the conflict,

as there were almost no sightings of insurgents last week. The only reported instances of violence were

committed by government security forces. One source in Ancuabe claimed that the police Rapid

Intervention Unit (UIR) based in Salaue, near Metoro, regularly beat and abduct civilians, subject them to

forced labor, and harass married women, often under the influence of alcohol. At a public meeting last

week, locals called for the UIR to withdraw, the source said. Meanwhile, in Nangade town on 6 April, police

kidnapped two traders without justification and later released them.

Incidents such as these will surely strain an already tense relationship betwee n civilians and security forces.

Distrust of the Mozambican authorities in Mocímboa da Praia district has become so critical that the

Rwandans have taken over many of the essential responsibilities of the state in the area, including

enforcing law and order and implementing infrastructure projects. One local source told Cabo Ligado last

week that people feel like they are being governed by Rwanda.




3. Former insurgents join Catholic Church in Mocimboa da Praia over Easter Weekend

In Mocimboa da Praia, former insurgents decided to convert to Christianity in a Catholic Mass over the Easter weekend. Assumane Anli, a former insurgent, is one of those who decided to leave both the insurgency and Islam. He also brought another former insurgent, also seeking to leave the violence, and asked that they be accepted and protected by the faithful. They also apologized to society as a whole for their role in the destruction of the areas around Mocimboa da Praia. Anli, a native of Milamba, is now an outcast, as he is the only member of his family who is a Christian which could lead to retribution against him as he is labelled an apostate.


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