1. Plenary Meeting of Mozambican Bishops Elect Dom Inacio Saure as President

The plenary meeting of the Mozambican Bishops (Conferência Episcopal de Moçambique – CEM) ended in Maputo on Sunday 14 November 2021. DHPI takes great pleasure in congratulating Archbishop Inacio Saure (Archbishop of Nampula) with his election as President of CEM. Archbishop Inacio has been the driving force behind the remarkable program of humanitarian assistance to IDP’s in Nampula – regularly reported on by DHPI.

DHPI also congratulates Bishop João Carlos Nunes (Bishop of Chimoio) with his election as Vice President, and Bishop Juliasse Sandramo (Apostolic Administrator of Pemba) with his election as Secretary general.

In their final communiqué, the Bishops say that the security situation in the north and centre of the country remains one of their main concerns. While acknowledging that the presence of SADC and Rwandan forces has improved the situation in many places, and has driven the insurgents out, they express their solidarity with the multitudes that still remain in reception camps, with hunger and thirst – lacking everything. The Bishops appeal for the continuation of humanitarian assistance, and for support in reconstruction of villages where l;ocals have returned, but where everything has been destroyed.

2. Renewed Fighting in Cabo Delgado

An attack by the Southern African Development Community (SADC) joint military force killed more than two dozen young insurgents in the Mueda region of Cabo Delgado province during the end. of week according to Abudo Gafuro of the Kuendeleya Association. The clashes on the border between Mozambique and Tanzania started after the denunciation by the people of insurgents disguised as civilians who wanted to flee to the neighboring country. The association reports that government soldiers have disappeared, that some civilians will have been killed and that others have fled into the woods.

Gafuro says that:” The Mozambican military activated the SADC regional force, especially the Tanzanian force that is positioned on that bank. But there was a weak capacity. They prefer that Rwanda operate because it is effective in its operations. There is an exact quantification that there are 25 insurgents killed and some imprisoned by the Mozambican Defense and Security Forces (FDS) and SADC. There were three confirmed civilian deaths, and 40 people remain missing. “

The attacks took place on the 12th and 13th of November.

On 16 November Carta de Moçambique (https://cartamz.com ) reported that 11 people were killed between Friday and Saturday as a result of several insurgent attacks in the districts of Mueda and Macomia. Four people were murdered in Mueda district and seven in Macomia district. Three people were murdered in Nachitenje village,

Mueda district, after a group of 20 armed men (with machetes and firearms) invaded that village last Friday morning. In addition to killing, the group took several hostages, looted various food products and burned homes.

Between Friday and Saturday, the insurgents carried out attacks in three villages in the Administrative Post of N’Gapa. Three insurgents were shot by troops from Rwanda, including a “child soldier”.

In the district of Macomia, seven people were killed by insurgents in Nanjaba village (locally known as Nambine), three of which were charred last Friday night, including a child and an elderly person. On Sunday, four bodies were found in a field. The insurgents attacked that village around 10 pm, burning huts and seizing various goods, in particular foodstuffs.

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