Mozambique: Deadly Insurgent Attack, Confirmed Civilian Massacre & Gas Project Stalled

COUNTRY UPDATE: 19 April 2024
Johan Viljoen, Reabetswe Tloubatla, Nadia Jeiroudi



This update on Mozambique brings news of violence, long-awaited confirmation, and cautious investment.

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  • Deadly Insurgent Attack: Insurgents struck a military position in Macomia, raising questions about civilian involvement and the effectiveness of recent offensives.


  • Confirmed Civilian Massacre: A year after a horrific attack in Palma, a data analysis confirms a much higher death toll than previously reported.


  • Gas Project on Hold: Exxon Mobil postpones a decision on a major gas project, casting doubt on economic prospects in the troubled Cabo Delgado region.


Read more for the details and see how these events are interconnected. Full article here: Country Update 19 April 2024 pdf

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