1. SADC Forces Stay In Cabo Delgado Extended

Southern African Development Community troops helping to fight an Islamic State-linked insurgency in Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado province will remain in the country until the situation on the ground is under control, the regional bloc said.

SADC also plans to add more ground forces to hold onto areas retaken from the insurgents, Mpho Molomo, special representative of the chair of the bloc’s organ on politics, defence and security cooperation, told reporters in Maputo, Mozambique’s capital, on Thursday. The bloc this month extended its mission’s mandate in Mozambique by another 90 days.

In Cabo Delgado, SAMIM forces and local police have found a stash of 28 kilograms of heroin in a building that was used by insurgents, further adding to speculation that part of the insurgent’s objectives is to supply narcotics in the region. The drugs were part of a 250 cache that was destroyed over the weekend in Pemba, according to Provincial Attorney Angelo Sueta. “The heroin seized by the Defense and Security forces in one of the buildings that was occupied by the terrorists. The owners of the drug fled during the fighting…one can presume that it was not for consumption, so perhaps it was for trafficking.”

2. EU Training Mission Officially Launched

The European Union council has officially launched the European Union Military Training Mission (EUTM), on 15 October 2021. In a statement, the EU said “The mission will support a more efficient and effective response by the Mozambican armed forced to the crisis in the Cabo Delgado province, by providing them with training and capacity building.” The EUTM is expected to reach operational capacity by mid-December, and will rely on 140 military personnel divided between two training centres- one will be for commando training, and the other for marines. The estimated cost of the deployment is €15.16 million, over a two year period. This is in addition to an approval of and emergency €4 million allocation under the European Peace Facility, which will be used to complement the training of military units through provision of equipment. The mission will focus on operational preparation, specialize training on counter-terrorism as well as training on the protection of civilians- with a particular focus on women and girls in conflict. This deployment, led by mission commander General Nuno Lemos Pires will work parallel to the SAMIM and Rwandan missions already on the ground.

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