COUNTRY UPDATE: 23 February 2024
Johan Viljoen, Reabetswe Tloubatla

Mozambique in Crisis: Desperate Flight, Risky Oil Deals, and Drone Dilemmas

Cabo Delgado bleeds. Insurgent attacks send thousands fleeing, while plans to extract oil and gas fuel fears of escalating conflict. Meanwhile, the military grapples with drone acquisition as SADC troops withdraw.

This week’s Mozambique update paints a grim picture:

  • Panicked Exodus: Attacks near Chiúre spark mass displacement, with over 33,000 seeking refuge. Witnesses describe burnedWomen in red homes, schools, and a health center.
  • Fueling Fears: Oil and gas exploration in Angoche raises alarms. Residents, recalling Palma’s tragedy, demand transparency and fear increased recruitment by insurgents.
  • Drones on the Horizon: As SADC pulls out, Mozambique eyes combat drones. China, Turkey, and Israel vie for a lucrative, yet controversial, contract.

Unanswered questions loom large:

  • Can the military contain the insurgency without exacerbating tensions?
  • Will oil and gas bring prosperity or further instability?
  • How can the international community support peace efforts and protect civilians?

This crisis demands urgent attention. Stay informed and raise your voice for peace in Mozambique.

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