1. Government-allied militias kill 5 insurgents

Militias in Cabo Delgado announced on Wednesday (25.01), that they had killed five insurgents during clashes on Tuesday in the village of Nacala, located between Nanhala and Chude, 50 kilometers from the district of Mueda.

“We fired because they started burning houses,” said one of the members of the so-called “local force,” adding that among the wounded are two members of the “local force” and a civilian. Another source of the “local force” said that the exchanges of fire continued until 05:00 (UTC – Coordinated Universal Time) on Wednesday and that the situation was already controlled by the militia. The clashes caused many people to flee since Tuesday toward Mueda, reported a 43-year-old woman, a mother of five, who decided to seek safety at the district office.


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