1. Bishop of Pemba Visits Mission Destroyed by Insurgents


Mission of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Muidumbe, Diocese of Pemba, made headlines two years ago when it was attacked by insurgents and completely destroyed. It is where the first beheadings were reported. The Parish Priest, Fr Edegard Silva Junior, at the time managed to escape with some of his parishioners, and fled on foot to Pemba. A Catholic Radio Station at the Mission was also completely destroyed, as was the Convent and the Mission House. On 19 August 2022 the Bishop of Pemba, Dom Juliasse Sandramo, visited the Mission. It was saddening to see the destruction. But miraculously, the Altar was not damaged. In the words of the Bishop: What is done by God, no man can destroy.



Less than a week after Bishop Sandramo’s visit, Muidumbe was attacked again by insurgents Рtwo villages in that district, namely Mandela and Mapate, resulting in deaths and several displaced families. Following the attacks, some families were forced to leave their homes, where they had recently returned, while others are looking for safe places in the district (Muidumbe) and in the village of Mueda, as well as in the district of Metuge.



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