1. Cyclone Ana Wreaks Havoc In Tete

Tropical Storm Ana made landfall in Mozambique on Monday. The storm, which had wind speeds of up to 100km/h, had rainfall of 200mm in a 24 hour cycle, which caused widespread flooding, significant damage to infrastructure and displaced people, many of whom were already fleeing from the latent insurgency in the country at the moment.

The storm, which made initial landfall in Angoche district, in Nampula province, then moved west, falling on parts of Zambezia province, as well as Tete province. It also affected Sofala, Niassa and Cabo Delgado provinces.


The picture at left shows the bridge across the Rovubue River in Tete Province that was swept away by floods.



According to official reports, at least 10 fatalities have been reported. Two people were swept away by the Licungo river in Mocuba, Zambezi, six additional deaths were reported on Tuesday morning, and by Tuesday afternnon, another two, onw of whom died when a wall collapsed on them. There has also been estimates by government and UN agencies on the ground of approximately 500 000 people being affected by the rain and flood waters, and multitudes of destroyed houses


2. EU To Support Rwanda In Mozambique?

On 25 January 2022 the Rwandan newspaper “The New Times” reported that the European Union (EU) is considering supporting Rwanda’s militaryoperations in Mozambique. This was disclosed by the ambassador of EU to Rwanda, Nicola Bellamo, during the annual Article 8 Dialogue that took place at the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Kimihurura, on January 25. Article 8 Dialogue is part of the Post-Cotonou agreement, which serves as a legal framework for EU relations with 79 African countries, the Caribbean and Pacific countries. The dialogue aims at information sharing to foster mutual understanding and facilitate the establishment of agreed priorities and shared agendas. While referring to Rwanda’s intervention in Mozambique, Bellomo said, “I am confident this dialogue will provide additional elements to inform the ongoing discussion on possible EU support to Rwanda and to identify new avenues to promote and preserve peace and security on the continent.”

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