1. Beheadings Continue In Cabo Delgado

Insurgents have decapitated four people in Macomia. According to the sources, the first two victims were beheaded in the Lumumua village, where they were fetching water from the island of Matemo. Other victims were killed in the Pankoma region. It was not possible to determine the sex of the victims.


2. Insurgents Attack Tanzanian Village

On the night of 20 -21 October, iInsurgents attacked village in Tanzania, across Rovuma from Nangade . The village attacked is called Kilimahewa, located between the towns of Michenjele and Mihambwe in Tandahimba district, across the Rovuma river from Nangade in Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado province. The attackers burned down a warehouse and took an unconfirmed number of people hostage. https://zitamar.com/insurgents-attack-village-in-tanzania-across-rovuma-from-nangade/

The matter was highlighted in an interview by Deutsche Welle on 26 October. According to Cabo Delgado-based Kuendeleya Association, displaced persons from border regions between Mozambique and Tanzania reported two attacks in southern Tanzania last week to the association, but details are lacking. According to Abudo Gafuro, from Kuendeleya, it is a question of retaliation for the fact that young people refuse to join the insurgents.

Gafuro confirmed attacks in the extremities of Mtwara, in Tanzania, and in the most northern [region] of Mozambique . He says: “Last week there were two simultaneous attacks, carried out by a group of terrorists. Presumably they are the ones on the run, fleeing Mozambique to that side over there. At the moment, they are without land, because all existing terrorist bases in Cabo Delgado province have already been destroyed. The joint forces are now doing cleanup work, implying that the terrorists are looking for a place to take refuge. It is obvious that it is Tanzania, because it was one of the doors they used to enter Mozambique”.

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