1. Famine looms as WFP stops food distribution to IDP’s


The World Food Programme has stopped aid to some one million IDP’s in northern Mozambique. Activists in Cabo Delgado foresee difficult days for those who rely on this support to survive. Civic activist Aly Caetano is not surprised by the suspension of support for the World Food Programme (WFP) for displaced people from Cabo Delgado, northern Mozambique. He said it was expected that, with the continuing humanitarian crisis, the agencies involved would eventually be left without the capacity to continue to provide aid. “It was to be expected,” he says, “because of the issue, for example, of Covid-19, the crisis in Ukraine and several other problems that we are having in the international context, which cause the main partners and donors to stop funding some of these initiatives and programs,” explains the activist.

WFP had already warned last November that the lack of funding could lead to the suspension of basic care in February. The organization says it needs $102.5 million to provide food assistance to displaced people over the next six months. DW Africa contacted WFP, but a reaction could not be obtained. Civic activists fear that the World Food Programme case is just the beginning and several other agencies involved in mitigating the humanitarian crisis resulting from violent extremism could follow suit, by depletion of capabilities.

Cabo Delgado: “Situation will get chaotic” without WFP support – DW – 02/02/2023



2. Ambush in Meluco kills several passengers including a health professional


A health professional, assoused at the Meluco-based Health Center, is among the fatalities of an insurgent ambush in the early afternoon of Wednesday, near the village Of Nangololo, in the district of Meluco, central Cabo Delgado. According to sources in the district of Macomia, in total three vehicles were attacked, including a minibus, in which was the health professional, on a bridge located at an intersection, near the village Nangololo, along the N380 road.

Initially, the attackers separated people according to their religion, but some occupants of two other vehicles managed to escape and in the midst of this confusion freed a woman, an elderly man and some passengers. In the minibus, the attackers stole goods, including monetary values, while one of the vehicles beheaded the owner and then burned him. Several wounded, including severe and light, were evacuated to the hospitals of Macomia and Pemba, thanks to the intervention of the Mozambican Defense and Security Forces. Terrorist ambush in Meluco kills several passengers including a health professional (cartamz.com)



3. Citizens of Mocímboa da Praia angered at misconduct of Mozambican military


Residents of Mocímboa da Praia, Cabo Delgado, are angered by the acts of indiscipline carried out by some

Mozambican military personnel, who are not yet well regarded, in comparison to Rwandan troops, considered

friends of the population. Several citizens said that the Mozambican Forces threaten when they ask for

documentation from citizen, often taking them to isolated places to extract bribes.

In addition, residents complain about the misuse of firearms to threaten citizens, with soldiers often taking venues to

drinking venues. On 30 June 2022, drunk soldiers, created panic in a place where they were consuming alcohol, firing

uncontrolled shots. As a result, one person was mortally wounded. FADM indiscipline was also reported by ACLED,

referring to the week of 16 to 22 January, in which the Minister of the Interior, Arsénia Massingue confronted the

Rapid Intervention Unit, who would abandon their posts to get drunk.

Citizens of Mocímboa da Praia exhausted by the “misconduct” of certain Mozambican military




4. Thirteen Nampharamas beheaded in Iba, Meluco district


At 16h00 on 31 January 2023, 14 members of the Nampharamas were attacked and 13 beheaded insurgents seeking

to penetrate Iba, in the district of Meluco. One of the members was kidnapped according to photos published by the

Islamic State (EIPAC) on their digital platforms.

According to military sources, the group that murdered the 13 members of the Local Force had been on the run since

January 28, after a confrontation in the vicinity of the National Road (EN380) between the Imbada and Nangoro regions. A statement written in Arabic and posted on the group’s digital platforms on Telegram and Twitter states

that they used machine guns to kill 13 members of the Napharamas


Treze nampharamas decapitados pelos terroristas em Iba, no distrito de Meluco



5. Rumours of Total resuming operations create expectations. Total demands more leverage on Mozambican Army


The private business sector was excited this Wednesday 1 February 2023 at the prospect of French petrochemical company TotalEnergies resuming operations in Afungi, suspended in April 2021 because of the insurgency. The Confederation of Economic Associations of Mozambique (CTA), says, however, that the recovery is not enough. It intends to monitor the contribution of the TotalEnergies Project and partners in the national economy.

After the suspension of the Project, several orders were canceled and, as a result, many subcontractors suffered losses. TotalEnergies left many debts that, almost two years later, the CTA says are still being paid.

According to “Africa Intelligence” the CEO (Chairman of the Board of Directors) of TotalEnergies, Patrick Pouyanné, arrives in Cabo Delgado within days. Pouyanné is expected to visit the country in the coming days to discuss the resumption of work on the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) mega-project on the Afungi peninsula. In addition to a stopover in Maputo, Pouyanné will travel to Palma, in the north of Cabo Delgado province. This visit to the country demonstrates TotalEnergies’ desire to relaunch that project, driven by the perceived improvement in security in the region. After two years of complete stoppage, the first relatively modest excavation and construction contracts were awarded in December to the South African company WBHO. The head of TotalEnergies is expected to announce in Palma the details of the next resumption of work in Cabo Delgado province, writes Africa Intelligence.

The return of TotalEnergies and partners from the Mozambique LNG Project, to Area 1 of the Rovuma Basin, has not yet been officially communicated by the company, nor by the Government of Mozambique. TotalEnergies, however, demands sacrifices from the country. TotalEnergies will require the formation of an exclusive protection force, composed of the various military actors acting on the ground. TotalEnergies will also force the Government to accept incorporating the budget of this force in the recoverable costs of the investment in Palma gas, in Area 1. With this requirement, part of the gas revenue will serve to return to investors because of their safety.





6. Concern over disappearance of leprosy patients because of insurgency


The Leprosy Association of Mozambique (ALEMO), delegation from Cabo Delgado, expressed concern due to the lack of contact with leprosy patients, since the beginning of the attacks in October 2017.

The President of ALEMO in Cabo Delgado, Manuel Maliquito, expressed concern on 31 January 2023 in Pemba, during the celebration of the World Day to Fight Leprosy. He said that in the province a total of 1800 patients had been enrolled, duly monitored by the health authorities, in the health centers and in the respective communities. However, 400 patients had disappeared during the attacks, not knowing if they were killed, disappeared, kidnapped or moved to other parts of the country. Therefore it is difficult to say whether they are receiving treatment and proper health monitoring to cure the disease.

In 2022, health authorities in Cabo Delgado reported 568 new cases of leprosy, mainly in the districts of Namuno, Balama and Montepuez, further south of the province. Currently, the incidence rate is at least two people in every ten thousand inhabitants.



Thirteen nampharamas beheaded by terrorists in Iba, meluco district (integritymagazine.co.mz)

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