1. Attacks Continue in Muidumbe, Ancuabe


Three gunmen and a militia member were killed on Wednesday afternoon (24.08) and fire set to 30 houses in the Muidumbe district of Cabo Delgado province, northern Mozambique, local sources said.

“There were three men, all hooded, we suspect they were terrorists, because when they entered [the village], they started shooting and hit a member of the local force, who died at the scene,” the o 26 August.

The attack took place in the New Family community in southern Muidumbe district, officials said. In addition to killing the member of the local force, as the militia that supports government forces in the war against the rebels in Cabo Delgado is known, the insurgents burned 30 predominantly grass-based houses, another source reported.


Two men were shot dead on Tuesday 30 August in the fields belonging to the population of Mbonge village, Ancuabe district, in Cabo Delgado, as a result of yet another incursion attributed to terrorists.

And on Monday, the same group attacked the village of Nacuale, resulting in the destruction of 74 huts and theft of medicines at the local health centre. The attackers also stole food products from the population.Most of the families of Nacuale, whose homes were burned, are sheltered in Nanjua village.



2. Destruction of Coast Accelerates: Gaza Now Under Threat


The Chongoene district in Gaza province will have a port to facilitate the flow of mining production from the region, prime minister Adriano Maleiane announced. The construction of the port of Chonguene will be financed by Chinese capital firm Ding Sheng Minerals, which has been exploring the heavy sands of Chibuto, a neighboring district, since 2018. “They need an area that facilitates access to the sea and they will make investments in Chonguene,” explained Adriano Maleiane, quoted by Radio Mozambique. The Chinese capital company expects the approval of environmental impact studies for the start of the works, added Adriano Maleiane, without specifying the amount needed for the construction of the port or the deadlines of the project. Ding Sheng Minerals has been operating in Chibuto district since 2018, when the company installed a unit with the capacity to process 10,000 tons of sand daily. The concession to Ding Sheng has a term of 25 years and, during this period, the company is expected to extract one million tons of ilmenite (titanium oxide and iron) annually, in addition to heavy sands.


3. China And South Korea In Cabo Delgado


The Chinese and South Korean governments have signed an agreement to support joint exploration of natural gas in the Rovuma basin, Cabo Delgado province in northern Mozambique. The idea is to relaunch five cooperation projects.

According to South Korea’s Ministry of Economy and Finance, the two countries have signed agreements to “relaunch and strengthen” five cooperation projects between Chinese and South Korean companies. In a statement, the ministry stressed the natural gas exploration project in the Coral field of the Rovuma basin, an area where a reserve of 190 billion cubic feet

Presidents Moon Jae-in (left) and Philip Nyusi (right), alongside First Ladies

Kim Jung-sook and Isaura Nyusi

of natural gas is estimated to exist. The Coral field, which relies on investment from South Korean state-owned company Korea Gas Corporation and Chinese state oil company China National Petroleum Corp., is expected to start producing natural gas in 2024, the statement said. The consortium responsible for the project also includes the Portuguese company Galp Energia S.A. and the Mozambican state oil company Empresa Nacional de Hidrocarbonetos, among other partners.



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