1. Extreme poverty the norm in Mozambique

Despite the boom in gas in minerals, benefits have not filtered down to the population. 43% of the Mozambican population lives in absolute poverty and the country is the 7th poorest in the world. Every year the International Monetary Fund (IMF) publishes a list of the world’s poorest countries, considering their GDP per capita. The poorest countries in the world are those that have the lowest GDP per capita which is calculated using the Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) methodology. See below the lowest GDPs in the world:

▪ 1 Burundi – 233 €

▪ 2 South Sudan – USD 219.99

▪ 3 Somalia – USD 1,185.56

▪ 4 Malawi – USD 1.005

▪ 5 Central African Republic – USD 1,013

▪ 6 Democratic Republic of the Congo – USD 1,132

▪ 7 Mozambique USD 1,293

▪ 8 Niger – USD 1.320

▪ 9 Liberia – USD 1.602

▪ 10 Chad – USD 1.621




2. Displaced women forced into prostitution for survival

Displaced women have engaged in prostitution to survive extreme poverty in some regions of Cabo Delgado,

Mozambique’s terrorist-plagued northern province. Among them are girls between the ages of 12 and 17, according

to the Center for Public Integrity (CIP). “A significant number of displaced women and girls in Cabo Delgado province

use the sale of sex as a survival strategy,” says researcher Aldemiro Bande. “But that’s not all: Some women are even

enticed into sexual involvement in exchange for humanitarian assistance goods,” she adds.

The CIP study, presented on Tuesday (30.05), says that there has been a reduction in food support for victims of

terrorism, who end up being pushed into the world of prostitution. They are women who are unable to develop

income-generating activities, explains researcher Aldemiro Bande. “The use of selling sex is a response to a structural

scarcity that exists in the environment in which they find themselves. Many of these women have come to have new

responsibilities,” she describes. In addition, there are heads of reception centers that take advantage of food shortages to sexually abuse women,

Aldemiro Bande warns. “This is a phenomenon on which the Attorney General’s Office itself has already spoken. On

the ground, what we found is that this still prevails,” says the CIP researcher. “There’s a lot of fear when we approach

them, when we interview them. The women have shown that they are very afraid to report these cases for fear of

reprisals and being deprived of food assistance.”

Sociologist Cassiana Tomé insists that the failures in food assistance to the displaced is what opened the door to the

“commodification” of sex: “Many of them are induced and enticed into it, it is the last resort. They see no other


To reverse this scenario, the CIP study recommends more comprehensive income-generating initiatives and

sustainable and lasting humanitarian assistance. “So that these displaced women, who need to start their lives anew,

can get out of the situation of dependence on food assistance, but that they can themselves be generators of their

own sustenance,” says researcher Aldemiro Bande. The CIP survey was conducted in October 2022 and involved

three districts, namely Metuge, Montepuez and Chiúre, as well as the capital city Pemba in Cabo Delgado province.

CIP denounces sexual exploitation of displaced women – DW – 30/05/2023



3. Renewed fighting in Macomia District

People from Litamanda village, Chai administrative post, Macomia district, central Cabo Delgado, who recently returned to their homes, report strong clashes between the Defense and Security Forces and terrorists since last Friday (260, creating fear. The clashes take place at a time when the population of Litandacua and Chai-sede, welcomed in the village of Macomia, is preparing to return to their villages later this week.

A military source said that, along the Messalo river, an operation is underway to eliminate insurgents along the entire bank of that watercourse. The source refused to comment on information circulated on social networks, according to which a member of the FADM was fatally shot last Friday in Litandacua, during an exchange of fire. https://cartamz.com/index.php/politica/item/13854-populacao-relata-confrontos-na-aldeia-litandacua-no-distritode-macomia

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