1. 30 Soldiers Detained For Looting Banks In Palma

Cartamz.com reports that 30 soldiers are being detained at the Mieze Penitentiary at Metuge, after they were found with amounts of between 15 000 and 50 000 Meticais in their backpacks. After the insurgents had been routed from Palma, it emerged that the Standard Bank, BCI Bank and Millenium BIM Bank had been looted, with more than 60 million Meticais being stolen. At the time it was believed to have been done by insurgents.

2. Mozambican Prime Minister Lauds Progress In Stabilizing Cabo Delgado

The Mozambican Prime Minister, Carlos Agostinho do Rosario, has declared the overall situation in the country as one of “stability, characterized by the normal functioning of democratic institutions and by respect for the fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens, enshrined in the Constitution.”

This is what he said when he was addressing the country’s Parliament and Assembly of the Republic, in an answer session where he received requests on updated information on the situation in Cabo Delgado. He lauded the entry of military contingents, from SADC and Rwanda, who have collectively aided to transform and calm the situation; in particular highlighting the recapture of some insurgents in a joint Mozambican-Rwandan exercise, in the port town of Mocimboa da Praia on 7 August 2021. “The situation (in Cabo Delgado) is characterized by the dismantling of enemy bases and the pursuit of the terrorists, actions carried out by our defense and security forces in coordination with the forces of SADC and Rwanda. The action and bravery of the joint forces has allowed us to drive the terrorists back from the places they had occupied.” Describing the work the forces are doing as “cleaning and consolidating”, do Rosario confirmed that some roads, which had not too long in the past been made impassable because of terrorist activities, have now successfully been reopened; highlighting the stretches of road in Litamunda-Miengalewa, Xitaxi-Chitunda and Chinda-Awasse. With the opening of the roads, and the departure of the insurgents, some people have been able to return to their homes in various districts like Quissanga, Mocimboa da Praia, Nangade and Muidumbe; however, their return is being monitored closely to ensure there aren’t any sleeper insurgent agents among them. The government’s top priority is to “guarantee emergency food aid to the people living in the affected areas and to those who have just returned to their zones of origin.”

He further went on to confirm that the government has started restoring basic services, with various districts being reconnected to the national electricity grid and damaged and stolen infrastructure being repaired and replaced incrementally, and the projected total cost of the recovery plan is $300 000 000( 300 million US dollars). He railed against the insurgents saying what they had done is “different from a normal war. What is happening in the districts in the north of Cabo Delgado are acts of terror, where innocent and defenceless people are beheaded, and kidnapped, and even young children are abducted and are not spared from these heinous acts. The terrorists act in

this way to spread fear and terror among the population, and to create instability and insecurity. They take advantage of the situation to promote the interests of specific individuals and/or groups, opening the path for trafficking in guns, drugs or people, and for other types of crime that involve organized criminal networks.” he thanked the international community for taking a clear stand against terrorism, which has become a global phenomenon, and confirmed that the deployment of foreign troops in Mozambique followed all protocols enshrined in the Mozambican Constitution, and so it was an entirely legal entry and operation of foreign troops on local soil. https://clubofmozambique.com/news/situation-in-mozambique-is-stable-says-pm-aim-report-203757/

3. South African Troops’ Mandate Extended By Three Months

The South African contingent of the SAMIM forces have had their mandate extended by a further three months by the country’s President and Commander in Chief, President Cyril Ramaphosa. A Presidential letter tabled at a meeting of the Joint Standing Committee on Defense was tabled on 29 October, dated for 15 October 221, which indicated an extension of 3 months to the deployment of troops, a deployment which now has an end date of mid-January. The new deployment will cost the South African taxpayer an additional R984 368 057. The troops are in Cabo Delgado to assist with stabilizing the region, rousting the insurgents and maintaining peace, along with other troops who form part of the SAMIM joint forces, Rwandan soldiers and most recently, troops deployed from the EU. The joint operations have had success, with the region becoming more peaceful since their arrival, and more people returning to their homes after initially fleeing the violence inflicted by the insurgents in the north of the country.

4. Mozambican Navy Accused Of Killing 12 Fishermen

The Mozambican navy who are intensifying patrols along the coast of Cabo Delgado province are accused by local people of having killed twelve (12) fishermen on M’makolowe Island in Macomia district. The incident took place on Tuesday 26 of October, on the island of M’makolowe, located in Pangane village in the administrative post of Mucojo, in the district of Macomia in Cabo Delgado, when a vessel carrying 13 people, believed to be fishermen, was questioned by the military of the Mozambican navy who tried to annihilate 12 of them, on suspicion of being elements of the terrorist group. The fishermen, according to sources in Macomia, were displaced from Ilha Matemo in the neighboring district of Ibo for another fishing activity, one of the main sources of income in the region. The news spread in the communities, thanks to one of the thirteen surviving fishermen who is in hospital treatment in one of the health units in the city of Pemba.

“The non-return of those 12 fishermen was because they were found by the military at sea and they were all killed. The fisherman who survived is because he pretended he had died, but ended up arriving in the community”, said one source.

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