Insurgent ambush kills ten soldiers and injures others in Macomia district


At least ten soldiers of the government forces died in an ambush by insurgents close to the town of Ilala, administrative post of Quiterajo, district of Macomia, in Cabo Delgado. The operation resulted in an unspecified number of injured, in addition to the capture of various weapons. The weapons were in the hands of the dead soldiers and those who escaped the ambush.  The information is contained in a note published by Amaq information agency that has been circulating on social networks since last Sunday (July 2), in which insurgents claim responsibility for an ambush of the Defence and Security Forces. They claim to have looted weapons and ammunition, including eight medium machine guns, five rocket launchers and three mortars. There is also a 46-second video with two members of the group advertising in Arabic and Swahili. It contains photographs of dead soldiers and identification documents, such as identity cards and voter registration cards of the victims and those who escaped.  However, there is still no information about the circumstances in which the Mozambican military fell into the ambush. The Mozambican authorities have not yet reacted to the attack, but in the recent working visit of the Minister of National Defence, Cristóvão Chume, to Mocímboa da Praia and Palma, he stressed the idea that more work should be done, despite the improvement in security.  The Mozambican Defence and Security Forces and their SADC and Rwandan allies are priority targets for insurgents. Last week the Mozambican Army ordered the evacuation of the population that returned to Mucojo and Quiterajo, to make room for an offensive against insurgent positions in the forests of Macomia district.  According to sources, the soldiers who were killed and whose photos were circulated belonged to the Special Forces recently trained by European military experts. Their families have not yet been informed, at a time when the salaries for June have not yet been paid and the morale of some military personnel is very low, as they explained “today we are fighting very badly. We are dying with insurgents and our family is starving.” The sources revealed that even “the Mozambican military who fell in the attack, were waiting for the payment of retroactive two months and strangely, all those who dare to complain are threatened with expulsion, while colleagues from other sectors such as Military Academy and Civic Services have already received.”


Government concealed Palma massacre

By Edwin Hounnou


The government preferred to hide it or minimized it. Terrorists attacked Palma, in Cabo Delgado, on May 24, 2021 and on the 28th of the same month the Ministry of Defence called a press conference, without the right to ask questions, to announce that “dozens” of people died in the sequence of attacks.
Colonel Omar Saranga, then spokesperson for the Ministry of Defence, said that “a group of terrorists secretly penetrated Palma and triggered actions that culminated in the cowardly murder of dozens of defenceless people and material damage to some government infrastructure”. Well, this is a scam.
According to Alex Perry, a North American journalist and investigator who, for 15 months, investigated the case, he concluded that the terrorists murdered, in the invasion of Palma, 1357 people, including children, teenagers and old people. The government, with no shame, hid the seriousness of the event, believing that it would never become public. Today everyone knows that, in Palma, the terrorists committed a massacre and the government had the obligation to report what happened and declare national mourning, in memory of those Mozambicans killed en masse.  Since Perry’s report became known, the government has never reacted knowing that it is an indisputable truth. If it weren’t, the government could have appeared a long time ago with threats to take the case to international judicial bodies, but it preferred to retreat into sepulchral silence, not even bothering to carry out a survey about the event, not even supporting the families destroyed by terrorists. How can you trust a government that doesn’t show up when populations are in trouble?! TotalEnergies must have informed the relatives of the expatriate workers, but our government said nothing to the Mozambicans.  A government that does not watch over its people is worthless. The people do not need a president who is limited to inaugurating houses and buildings in the districts. The president is not only there to inaugurate water taps, courts, banks and welfare buildings but to take care of the people, solve their concerns and ensure their protection. The government’s posture, in this case, was reprehensible not only for not having protected the populations but also for having lied and hidden from public knowledge the massacre to which the people were victims. Wasn’t counterintelligence able to predict this attack? What are you up to?
Just intrigued?  TotalEnergies, after witnessing the massacre of populations, closed its gates and left. Now it wants to come back with demands for the “detachment” of the Afungi Peninsula and the right to choose which forces it wants to be defended by, proposing the creation of a kind of protectorate administered by an agency of its own with a budget greater than that of the province and where the national armed forces cannot put their boots. Our natural resources lead us to new colonization, especially when the government is weak. A serious government does not allow colonialism to come back to steal our resources. If we are still not prepared to exploit our resources, let us leave it for when we have the human and financial capacity, instead of having to subject ourselves to the designs of multinationals. We should have learned a long time ago from what is happening with mineral coal, heavy sands, rubies, graphite, gold, etc., where we do not take any advantage.

If we continue to “allocate” our resources to multinationals, we run a great risk of being part of the group of failed countries that don’t even have the capacity to defend themselves. Perry said that “the Mozambican Defence and Security Forces do not have the capacity to engage with the insurgents”. He
accuses TotalEnergies of failing to honour its commitment to guarantee the safety of people who are on the perimeter of the largest foreign investment ever in Africa.  “We did the double counting, but I would have liked to have an independent audit, but I intended to tell Total what would have happened because very clearly they didn’t know. I’m a journalist and I’m interested in facts. There was one fact about the Palma massacre that I didn’t know was how many people died. The fact is that 1357 people were killed”, writes Perry.  “Al Shabab was ruthless, Total didn’t count, they are basically the power in the region. The Mozambican authorities did not account for it, this seems like an almost deliberate omission because everyone is aware that something terrible has happened, no one wants to quantify it and I quantified it because it is my job”, Perry declared.
Canal de Moçambique, 05.07.2023.




They killed entire families’, says priest of 2021 ‘massacre’ of Palma village

Father Eduardo Roca, who heads the Interreligious Center for Peace in the Diocese of Pemba, reveals to the AIS Foundation new data on the terrorist attack on the village of Palma in March 2021. In addition to the more than 1,300 dead, already denounced in an investigation by an American journalist, the priest assures that there were even entire families who were murdered, and accuses the leaders of the French multinational Total of having abandoned the local population during the attack.  Fr. Eduardo Roca, who has been in Mahate since 2012, in the Diocese of Pemba, where he leads the
Interreligious Centre for Peace, reveals, in an audio message sent to the AIS Foundation in Lisbon, new data about the terrorist attack on the village of Palma on March 24, 2021, speaking of entire families who were murdered. The priest also accuses the heads of the French multinational TotalEnergies of enormous negligence in supporting the populations during the attack. Fr. Roca refers to the report recently released by journalist Alex Perry which concluded that a real massacre occurred with 1,357 dead. These data contradict the official version that pointed from the first hour to only a few dozen victims. Fr. Eduardo Roca is convinced that the number of people murdered will have been even higher. “Surely they are more because they have killed whole families of which there is no one left, no family member who can tell us”.  Fr. Eduardo Roca also points the finger at the leaders of the French multinational TotalEnergies for not having taken care to protect the population during the terrorist attack. Recalling the words of the Bishop of Pemba,
D. António Juliasse, who made, on June 11, the first public response of a Church official after the report of the American journalist, Fr. Roca speaks of the “enormous” responsibility of the French company, and of “scandal” for everything that happened not only on March 24, 2021 but also in the following days. “The Bishop demands that there be public mourning, that there be declarations, that the French multinational Total takes its share of responsibility in this whole situation. It treated the entire population of Palma with contempt, ignoring it, bringing its workers from other countries, and in the hour of conflict and violence they turn their backs totally on the people. One of the helicopters that could have taken people, just transported some manager, some boss, and the chief’s dogs, while those people were all killed,” says Fr. Eduardo.  In the message sent to Lisbon, the priest also says that terrorists groups are currently promoting a “reorganization” of their organization. “For some months now the attacks have been of very low intensity, but it seems that there is a reorganization of terrorist cells throughout the country. So we have to be vigilant because this is the context of violence in which we live.”

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