26 March 2022 – Armed Fulani militia attacked and killed 6 civilians, including a woman that was pregnant, with numerous others still missing in Mgbuji and Edo communities in Eha-Amufu, Isi-Uzo LGA, Enugu State. The armed Fulani militia is said to have acted in response to a previous conflict when the youth chased the herders and cows off hectares of cassava plantations that were destroyed by the grazing cows. During the conflict, some cows were killed leaving the armed Fulani militia in anger. They retaliated by attacking and arriving on over 20 motorcycles with AK-47s and shooting sporadically. The soldiers that were previously deployed to the area were withdrawn before the attack, except for one from the South-South. The other soldiers all came from a community of Northern Muslims.

27 March 2022 – Amodu Bakare, a 70-year-old man, is a subsistence level farmer and vigilante was on his way home on a motorcycle when he saw two armed Fulani militia waiting on the side of the road. He proceeded past them as they didn’t stop him nor ask for anything. A few moments later, they proceeded to chase him and started swinging an axe, as he looked to grab his locally made gun, Amodu saw his hand lying on the ground, he states “it was like a dream”. The two men continued to attack him until they grabbed his gun and fled. Amodu began walking to the nearest village, however, he was weak and fell asleep on the roadside. Later, when he woke he began his journey again and reached a village 3km away from where he received support and made his way to the clinic in Iwere Ile, which was over 25km away. Amodu had to receive almost 6 pints of blood. He feels useless without his arms, as he cannot work to support himself nor feed himself, and he cannot even pull his own shorts up. He fears as he has a wife and children to support and now they are left with numerous hospital bills and no way of paying them.

27 March 2022 – Christian leaders from various denominations located in Kaduna State are grieving terribly due to the persistent attacks and killings by the armed Fulani militia. As seen, on 20 March 2022, gunmen burnt down houses and killed at least 15 people in Agban Kagoro, Kaura LGA Kaduna State. As a result of the attack, the government declared a 24-hour curfew in Kaura and Jema’s LGA. Pastor John Joseph Hayab states “One need only see how humans are killed and roasted by thugs who attacked Kagoro to conclude that this is one more loss”. The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and representatives of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Nigeria (CBCN) call to see and hear the murderers and kidnappers on trial, however, have concern for the victims as the government show little concern or empathy. Similarly, Kaduna State has the highest number of attacks in 2021, despite being the headquarters of 11 military installations. Pastor Hayab urges residents to implement self-defence mechanisms.

27 March 2022 – “Operation Zenda” a joint security patrol team of Benue State killed 4 suspected armed Fulani militia that was intercepted on their way to attack the village Gbajire. The attackers include John Tyoakoso, Jude aka Headboy, Solo Orafaga and another unidentified member.

29 March 2022 – A bomb was set off on Abuja-Kaduna train, hosting more than 900 passengers, resulting in many injured and even more killed.

30 March 2022 – Both Anguwar Kanwa and Anguwar Maiwa in Giwa LGA of Kaduna State were attacked by armed Fulani militia, resulting in the death of 23 civilians. The villagers were attacked around 1 am, with gunmen arriving in large numbers with dangerous weapons forcing residents to run for their lives. They were later seen regrouping at 5 pm that day.

1 April 2022 – According to the Benue SEMA, there are 27 IDP Camps in Nigeria hosting more than 2 million people. There are 7 official camps and 20 unofficial camps. This was disclosed by Dr Emmanuel Shior after flagging off the month’s distribution of relief materials to the IDP camps as there are logistical challenges in delivering the food. Some of the food items that always get to the camps include rice, noodles, beans, cooking oil and other consumables.


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  1. 7/3/2022– The Amee, Mbapa in Gwer West LGA was attacked. 2 persons killed, scores injured.
  2. 8/3/2022– Ahentse community of Guma LGA was attacked. 5 persons killed, 2 injured
  3. 10/3/2022– Tse Anke community of Guma LGA was attacked. 6 persons killed, scores injured.
  4. Tse Atongu community of Guma LGA was attacked. 2 persons killed.
  5. 15/3/2022– Tse Amee community in Mbapa, Gwer West LGA was attacked. 3 persons killed, scores injured.
  6. 17/3/2022– Tse Kperan community in Mbabuande, Gwer West LGA was attacked. 2 persons killed.
  7. 25/3/2022– Agbanu community of Gwer West LGA was attacked. 3 persons killed.
  8. Tse Jaaku community in Mbabuande of Gwer West LGA was attacked. 2 persons killed.

*4. 11/3/2022–Tse Atongu community of Guma LGA was attacked. 2 persons killed.

*8. 26/3/2022–Tse Jaaku community in Mbabuande of Gwer West LGA was attacked. 2 persons killed.


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