No Link – Interview with Sister Esther Nkiru Ezedinachi

24 February 2022 – She shares with us her traumatic experience from 24 February 2022 in Anambra, Nigeria.

Here is her story:

“Yes, I am very happy with the apostolate. I thank God for the opportunity given to me to feed these street men and women and we enjoy doing it and we see it as practical Christianity.

It was an inspiration from God. It all started in October 2020. I used my little monthly allowance to start it. It is exciting and today we feed from 20 to 30 every Sunday with a variety of food items and drinks, especially water.

There are many things happening in Nigeria these days that this type of apostolate is of no interest to usual media houses, except social media. Even the big event at Oko on 24 Feb 2022 – more than 30 minutes of heavy gunfire and killing of a Professor was not carried by any newspaper or broadcast by Radio.

What happened in Oko in Anambra state on 24 February was that on that faithful day, of 24th February 2022, we were coming back from a marriage event, the people in front phoned to inform us that these men were operating at Ufuma-Ajali axis. After waiting at Ufuma junction, we decided to take the Oko route. It was now about 7:30pm. Uknown to us, these men overtook us with the vehicles they had robbed, including Toyota Hilux. Before we realized what was happening, they had

blocked the road and started shooting. There was chaos and people were running confusedly. Five of us were in the vehicle, Sienna got out of it, three of us ran into the bush, the other two ran into a deserted shop where they were kidnapped. 18 other people were also kidnapped that night. After about 30 minutes when we stopped hearing gunshots and started hearing normal voices of people, we, with many other people came out of our hiding places.

When we came to the road, we saw a pool of blood of one we learnt the following day was a Professor they shot dead. Some people were saying that we were very lucky to have escaped for they fired 4 gunshots on the windscreen and smashed the side door glass. They ransacked and damaged the vehicle and took away my handbag with some money and documents and my phone.

With the help of someone, a bank officer was contacted very late that night to block our bank account, otherwise, it would have been a triple story no one would know from which to begin. The event of that day and its effects cannot be fully described.

I thank God, I thank God, I thank God and I pray for the professor and his family. This is all I can say now.”

9 March 2022 – A large group of armed gunmen, associated with Organized Criminal Groups (OCGs) attacked the St. John’s Catholic Church from around 1 am – 2:30 am in the Kudendan community, Kaduna State. This attack resulted in the kidnapping of Reverend Father, Joseph Akeke, a mother and her 2 children. As well as the death of the security guard, Mr Luka, and another community member.

14 March 2022 – Mr MacPherson Egbedi, President-General of the Kingdom, reveals the attack on the Uwheru Kingdom, Ughelli North LGA, Delta State by armed Fulani militia. The armed Fulani militia attacked Ohoro Secondary School, resulting in 3 people in hospital receiving treatment for gunshot wounds. Contractors working at the school were taken hostage and forced to collect around N68,000 in items and food before releasing hostages. There are similar reports of attacks occurring in the Agadama community.

According to Prof. Patrick Muoboghare, Commissioner for Higher Education, the school has since been deserted after the attack as teachers and pupils were chased away and threatened. The community pursued the herdsmen into the bush and were able to rescue 3 children that were abducted. However, the Fulani militia attacked to school the following day, shooting 3 boys. The school had recently got approval from the government to renovate a classroom and receive laboratory equipment, however, this project has been abandoned due to the attack of the Fulani militia. According to residents, the military escorts the attackers and allow the kidnappings and incidents to occur.

14 March 2022 – Armed Fulani militia attacked Nnewi South LGA, Anambra State only 1 week after 16 people were murdered in a similar attack at Ebenebe, in Akwa North LGA. The gunmen attacked a burial ceremony are started shooting sporadically, targeting vigilante operatives.



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