8 November 2021 – Unknown gunmen (suspected to be Ezza fighters) attacked Amuda village in Effium community, Ohaukwu LGA of Ebonyi State and killed at least 17 people. Mr Edede Barnabas spoke on the attack and the serious injuries his mother sustained after being shot in the hand by the gunmen and receiving treatment from a private hospital in Ebonyi. Mr Barnabas pleads for help from the relevant authorities as their community is continuously attacked since January 2021 and is no longer safe.

10 November 2021 – Anara market located in Isiala Mbano LGA of Imo state was attacked by unknown gunmen travelling in a Siena vehicle who opened fire at a restaurant, resulting in the instantaneous death of 3 people and another who died in the hospital. According to eyewitnesses, the gunmen stayed in the vehicle and fired shots sporadically at the market before speeding off. This caused everyone to desert the area in fear as there was no motive for the attack.

10 November 2021 – Around 7 am, armed Fulani militia invaded Orsu Ihietukwa in Imo State, whilst Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s court case was proceeding in Abuja. The armed Fulani militia asserted they were searching for ESN operatives and arrived in 20 Hilux’s, 11 armoured personal carriers vehicles, 3 jet fighters and various types of ammunition.

Photo’s below show the types of bullets used against the innocent villager:

11 November 2021 – Armed Fulani militia invaded Taraba, Katsina and Kaduna states, leaving a death toll of no less than 22 innocent civilians. Jab Jab and Binnari villages in Karim Lamido LGA of Taraba State found two people dead. Secondly, 2 villages in Batsari LGA of Katsina State found at least 12 people killed by the armed Fulani militia. Thirdly, 8 civilians were murdered across 2 villages including Atagjah and Kibori located in Zangon Kataf LGA of Kaduna State.

Additionally, the armed Fulani militia raided the villages by shooting AK-47’s sporadically, burning down food sources and civilians homes. Many people sustained serious injuries and were taken to surrounding hospitals. The attacks on Atyap chiefdom are becoming a regular occurrence with no protection from security operatives, leaving the villagers in a detrimental state.

12 November 2021 – Antony Blinken, U.S. Secretary of State, is travelling to Nigeria, Senegal and Kenya over the 15 – 20 November. In Nigeria, Blinken will be meeting with President Buhari in Abuja to discuss revitalizing democracy, expanding energy access, and cooperating on global health security.

12 November 2021 – David Tsokar, the Food and Agriculture Organization’s (FAO) communications officer, stated that based on an analysis named Cadre Harmonise (conducted over 20 states in Nigeria), revealed that over December 2021, more than 12.1 million people will face food shortages. Around 19% of these affected households are based in Adamawa, Yobe and Borno states and is largely due to the economic impact of Covid-19 and the insurgency occurring in the North-East of Nigeria. The number of people affected is likely to increase to 16.9 million people suffering from food shortages.

14 November 2021 – Three gunmen attacked mourners attending a wake at Imande Abur village, Mbategh ward of Logo Local Government Area of Benue state. According to witnesses, the gunmen attacked with sporadic shooting, killing 4 people and severely injuring 5 people. On sighting the police the bandits immediately fled and avoided being arrested.


No Link: A message covered by Fr Cornelius about how he survived an attack by Gunmen

Around 7:30 pm Fr Cornelius was about to cross a bridge on his way home when he was attacked by a group of 7 unknown gunmen carrying AK-47’s who began hitting his car and windscreen (as seen in the photo’s attached below). When they were surrounding his car, Fr Cornelius diverted his car into a gutter. The group started hitting him and he used his left hand to protect himself. Fr Cornelius felt well equipped as he stated that he was carrying Jesus with him, through his bible in the car and voice to pray during the attack. He opened his front door and jumped into the valley below to escape the attackers. When he jumped into the valley, 5 of the gunmen followed him through the thick mud, which had trapped Fr Cornelius up to his stomach and made it difficult for him to escape. Thus, allowing him to be caught by the attackers and dragged out of the mud. The attackers pulled him into the forest while continuously hitting Fr Cornelius with their guns and knives. Fr Cornelius pleaded to them to take all the money in his account and said that he will even do the transfer immediately for his freedom. One of the men who spoke English told him that they don’t need his money or phone. At this point, Fr Cornelius was helpless as “blood was gushing out like a pump”, his face, nose and mouth were covered making it difficult for him to breathe or see and he did not feel like a human being at this point, only a corpse that would be found. One of the gunmen put a dagger next to his lips, while one of the men argued and said it need to be in the centre of his heart. As they were moving the dagger, Fr Cornelius used his last bit of strength to push the man and run for his life through the muddy forest. Fr Cornelius managed to hide for about 15 minutes before another man in the forest found him, the man gave him a gun and carried him on his back towards the road and near the lake, leaving him to call for help. After Fr Cornelius screamed for help, security operatives arrived and took him to the hospital.

Photos of the scene are attached below:

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