Nigeria in the Midst of Violence: Fighting ISWAP in the Northeast, Bandit Attacks in Kaduna and Benue



Nigerian Air Force Claims Major Success:

  • ISWAP Commanders Killed: Airstrikes in Borno state targeted key ISWAP infrastructure and killed high-ranking members, including Mallam Ari, Ali Dawud, and Bakura Fallujah.
  • Disabling Capabilities: The NAF aims to dismantle ISWAP’s operations by destroying vehicles, motorcycles, logistical assets, and a food processing facility.



Attacks and Abductions Plague Kaduna and Benue:

  • Kaduna Kidnappings: Bandits raided Angwar Danko village, forcing residents to flee and kidnapping an unspecified number.
  • Benue Killings: Over three days, bandits attacked communities in Gwer West, killing at least 26 people, including six security personnel.
  • Governor’s Response: Benue State Governor Hyacinth Alia condemned the attacks, vowed to find the perpetrators, and offered condolences to the victims’ families.



Military Gains in Zamfara:

  • Counter-terrorism Operation: Troops killed 12 terrorists during a shootout while dismantling their hideout in Maru Local Government Area.
  • Recovered Weapons and Supplies: The operation yielded AK-47 rifles, ammunition, motorbikes used by the terrorists, and stolen cattle.


Read the full article here: NG Nigeria report 19 April 2024 pdf

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