10 February 2022 – A young woman was shot dead by armed Fulani militia in the Yelewata area of Guma LGA of Benue State, after going into the bush in search of firewood. Her brother, John Kelly, confirms her death and says several others were injured and still missing. The attack is described as “Black Wednesday” for the people of Benue State. 11 February 2022 – Around 1:20 pm unknown gunmen attacked a police checkpoint for about 30 minutes shooting sporadically from about 5 poles away near Ulumalinda Estate, Maryland, Enugu State. A point of sales operator was shot in the leg before the gunmen fled with the money and reportedly abducted a woman in the area. According to an eyewitness, the gunmen operated for around 30 minutes between multiple police checkpoints, without a challenge, as the police officials fled when they heard the gunshots. This paralyzed the state capitals economic activities. 12 February 2022 – Unknown gunmen attacked Enugu for hours without police officials or security agencies intercepting them. Around 12 pm, the gunmen began their attack at a police checkpoint in Timber junction, in Enugu North LGA, killing 3 policemen. The police checkpoint caused a bottleneck in traffic and the gunmen ordered the cars to move out of the road before they began sporadically shooting the area. Later, the gunmen attacked the home of Ogbonna Ani, also known as Jango, as he was a popular security head and killed him and his dog while some family members sustained injuries. 13 February 2022 – 7 community leaders of Edo state have joined forces to call on the government and security agencies to help save them from the terror inflicted upon them and their farms by the armed Fulani militia. The areas affected in Orhionmwon LGA include Owuo, Ologbo-nugu, Orogho, Umoghun-nokhua, Evbonogbon, Evboesi and Urhehue. The armed Fulani militia has destroyed their farms, kidnapped, raped and killed innocent community members for too long and now have affected Delta and Edo states as they are on the border. Gaius Osifo speaks about his 3 farms being destroyed and his inability to access them, or else he will be killed by the armed Fulani militia. Mr Osifo went to work on his farm after his New Years celebration to find all 3 farms destroyed and all the crops either eaten or cut into pieces. He now struggles as his family have no food or money to survive. After being sent to 2 different police stations for help, Mr Osifo has still not been contacted back by the police after they promised to call him. His crops are worth over N3million, thus he calls on the government to provide security and come to the communities aid. 12 Elders from the 7 communities have now signed a letter as the armed Fulani militia are threatening ancestral homes. These elders include:

Nathaniel Ogbemudia


Charles Aghavbere


Okoro Nelson Okuonghae

Edward Omomagiowawi


Christopher Aisagbonbu


Victor Levels Urhehue

Osaro Lease

Victor Onoko


Friday Egbon


Alex Eko

Friday Omoruyi

Chief Johnbull Evbenobose

The letter reads: “Our farmlands from centuries ago spread from Benin-Abraka Road to Ugo- Oben – Jesse Road, all under Ugo and Iguelaba police divisions. For about four years now, some fierce-looking herdsmen accompanied by AK47- wielding teenagers have invaded our farmlands with hundreds of cattle. They destroyed our crops and fed their cattle with our produce comprising yams, plantains, cassava and more. We took pains to identify the owner of the cattle whom we found to be a Fulani merchant based in Warri. In our latest contact with him, he disowned the cattle and herders now in our farms, insisting that they are cattle rustlers with stolen cattle from Kogi State. He said he has since taken away his herders and cattle from our neighbourhood, adding that those now terrorising us are common criminals. He said he has since complained at Ugo Police Division that the herdsmen currently terrorising us are common criminals. He advised us to cry to the government to comb the bush with a joint military team and flush out the bandits.”

The letter also includes the Bandits:

“We are now forced to cry to our governor as the bandits have started killing our people, raping our wives and daughters. Late January 2022, they killed a father and his 3 children at Evbonogbon Their bodies are still in the mortuary. On February 2, 2022, they abducted three women from Ologbo-nugu, tortured and raped them serially. They released them with a warning to their husbands that they will be coming to wipe out the various communities soon. Since then, we have sighted them at different points spying on our communities. On Thursday, February 3, they abducted seven other women from Evbonogbon and treated them exactly as they treated the three from Ologbo as narrated above. Now we are afraid to enter our old farms to harvest or start cultivating new farms. There are several other victims. However, on Friday, January 4th, the gallant vigilante team of Ologbo-nugu stormed the occupied farmland and arrested one of the bandits that raped their women. The arrested bandit has been handed over to Edo State Police Command and he has confessed to the crime, but refused to name members of his gang or show us where they hide their weapons, which he initially volunteered to do. Hence we are crying to our governor to order his Joint Military Task Force to lead our vigilante groups to comb the area and flush out the criminals from our land before they kill more law-abiding citizens.” 13 February 2022 – Gunmen dressed in security attire and travelling in a 10 vehicle convoy entered Afoukwu, Okpokunme, communities in Ahiazu Mbaise LGA of Imo state and set the houses on fire. The villagers fled, however, some were captured and the fires spread to surrounding areas, affecting hundreds of properties and innocent civilians.

No link: Photo’s from the scene 15 February 2022 – These villages are surrounded by Fulani herdsmen who prevent people from accessing farmlands. There is already so much hunger in communities. The military later came on the scene but the damage had already been done.

No Link: Armed Fulani Militia Attack 16 February 2022 – Again Fulani killers have invaded & destroyed houses including a house belonging to retired CSP Nicholas Nyiuma at Imande community of Saghev /Ukusu council ward Gwer West LGA this evening. Warning all those applying Makurdi Naka road should be careful. 21 February 2022 – Armed Fulani militia invaded Governor Samuel Ortom’s home town making it impossible for him to access his farms and village. The gunmen killed 3 of Governor Ortom’s kinsmen (2 males and a female) while they were returning on Iordye-Gbajimbra road in Guma LGA, from a burial ceremony. The deceased was travelling on a motorcycle and 2 were shot to death, while the third person was hacked to death by a machete. Governor Ortom states the cold-bloodedness of the marauders, as they have now heartlessly killed over 30 of his kinsmen. Governor Ortom spoke out and decried the perceived support of the Federal Government the invaders were enjoying and said:

“It is not acceptable that Fulanis from Niger, Senegal, Mali and several other countries would be allowed to come into our country and continue to kill our people to take over our land and the Federal Government is looking the other way and they want me to keep quiet. They even went as far as wanting me to accept money and keep quiet. I cannot sell my people for all the money in the world. If others are doing that, Samuel Ortom will not. So they should forget it. That goes to tell you that this Federal Government is evil. Most of our frontline local government areas are not safe. These people come and kill our people and none of them is arrested. And they want me to keep quiet, I will not. I will not engage in illegality but I must say that we are getting to a level where we will be left with no other option but to defend ourselves and our families. And I want to call on the Federal Government to permit us to carry AK-47 rifles to defend themselves against these killers, who go about with AK-47 rifles sacking our villages and communities and killing our loved ones. We have not committed any crime in Benue State, everything I do is in line with the directives of the people. They asked for the Open Grazing Prohibition and Ranches Establishment Law and that is what we did. That law can only be rescinded the day the people ask me to do so. I will continue to stand for the truth even if it will cost me my life, I am prepared. I was told that they have made seven attempts on my life already. The people they sent confessed after the seventh attempt failed. They must realise that my life is not in the hands of anyone.”

Governor Samuel Ortom calls on the youth to stand with security agencies and protect the state, as he promises to never betray the trust of his people. Governor Ortom ensures his administration had guaranteed the provision of infrastructure across Benue state and never fail to give payment to workers monthly and ensure the release of N700 million monthly for the people’s pensions. He promises that his administration will not fail their social contracts to the people, despite the enemies plots.

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