Denis Hurley Peace Institute was featured on the radio and TV program of Cardinal Dolan, the Archbishop of New York, on 10 May 2022. The interview was about the situation in Nigeria. To watch the interview, click on the link below and watch from minute 37:

Attached herewith is our latest update on the situation in Nigeria. We wish to offer special condolences to Fr Joseph Bako, of the Archdiocese of Kaduna, who was kidnapped a month ago and who died in captivity, reportedly tortured to death. Our prayers are also with the Diocese of Sokoto, where Ms Deborah Yakubu was burned to death this week.

7 May 2022 – Iggah community in Enugu state has been the target on 3 occasions for the deaths of at least 4 prominent leaders. These leaders include Mr Rapheal Amuche (58 years old) the President General of the Iggah community, David Nwabisi Anikwe the Vice President Chairman, Iggah Neighbourhood Watch and Chairman, PCRC, Adani police and Herbert Igwebuike Anene (a.k.a Okala).

In February 2022, armed gunmen arrived on motorcycles at Herbert Anene’s house, while Daniel Okonkwo was visiting on the front porch. The gunmen opened fire with AK-47s on the two, resulting in their immediate deaths. The gunmen announced the mission was accomplished and disappeared into the bush. Similarly, on 17 February 2022, the gunmen attacked Adani, a neighbouring town and waited for David Anikwe (Vice Chairman Iggah neighbourhood watch and Chairman, PCRC) to relax outside. Again, arriving on motorcycles and opened fire at close range, immediately disappearing, resulted in Mr Anikwe’s instant death. Mr Anikwe’s sons witnessed the attack and recognized the killers. Repeatedly, on 2 April 2022 around 9:30 pm, Rapheal Amuche was attacked in the same manner. However, Mr Amuche managed to escape on foot and was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he, unfortunately, passed away at 11:30 pm. These attacks are allegedly linked to the gunmen forming a gang over land claims, as they illegally sold land to an agric company and a cottonwood company without Mr Rapheal Amuche’s consent. The government ordered the refund of illegal proceeds to the buyers once it was reported, however, the land racketeers gang refused for the government to tell them how to sell their ancestral land. They conducted numerous attacks on unarmed farmers as a way to drive them off their farmlands and allow buyers to begin surveying the land.

8 May 2022 – Armed gunmen killed no fewer than 55 people in an attack on 3 villages including Sabon Gari Damri, Damri, and Kalahe in Bakura LGA of Zamfara state and 2 additional villages, Kauyen Minane and Faru in the same state. According to Fr. Ojapah, the gunmen were on the lookout to steal cows and other valuables, they also had the assistance of a helicopter. Police were deployed and after engaging in a gun battle, forced the gunmen to withdraw. More than 700,000 civilians have been displaced in Zamfara state, forcing officials to open 8 different camps. Fr. Ojapah expresses the church’s efforts to help the local population through organizing relief materials, as the gunmen have help from government officials and external forces.

10 May 2022 – Around 7 pm, armed gunmen abducted Alphonsus Uboh, a priest at Saint X Catholic Church, at Ikot Abasi Akpan, in the Mkpat Enin LGA of Akwa Ibom State. This is only 19 days after the abduction and release of Pastor John Okoriko, from the same community.

10 May 2022 – Bishop Hyacinth Oroko Egbebo, the Bishop of Nigeria’s Catholic Diocese of Bomadi, speaks on the difficulty and insecurity for civilians to travel by road in Nigeria, as it has become a risky endeavour. Bishop Oroko blames youth unemployment as the reason for the increase in crime (especially abductions) in Nigeria, as young people have found by kidnapping people they can make a big profit and do not need employment. Bishop Oroko calls out the international community for not intervening, especially in the Niger Delta, as he believes that they are benefitting from the oil wealth.

11 May 2022 – In March 2022, Rev. Fr Joseph Akete Bako (aged 48) was kidnapped and it has sadly been announced that he could have passed away around a month after his abduction. According to Fr Emmanuel Anyanwu, the Assistant Parish Priest of St. John’s Catholic Parish, Fr Bako was physically tortured as he was unable to pay the huge ransom. Sadly, he died through torture as he was in poor health.

Fr Joseph was one of three Catholic priests kidnapped during March 2022. Two other priests, Felix Zakari Fidson and Leo Raphael Ozigi, were subsequently released. In the same period, according to a Nigerian organisation that monitors these acts of violence, 287 people were murdered and 356 kidnapped in Kaduna state alone.


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Additionally, view below the confirmed death of Ms Deborah Yakubu from the Shehu Shagari College of Education:

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