1. Benue State




This past Sunday, three people were allegedly killed in the Ngan community, in Guma Local Government Area, in Benue State. This brings the number of people killed over the last three weeks in Guma LGA to at least 13, all of which we have reported. The other incidents were at Tse Numgbera Umella, Yobgo and Okohol, with Ukohol being the most recent. This latest attack, say residents, happened around 4pm on Sunday, when the Ngbea area in Nyiey council ward was invaded by unknown herders. According to a resident, who identified himself as Iorhemen, “They were Fulani herders; they came in their numbers and attacked our village around 4pm on Sunday. Three people were killed.” Police Public Relations Officer, Catherine Anene, confirmed the latest violence. “Three persons were killed in an attack at Guma. The corpses have been taken to the Benue State University Teaching Hospital, Makurdi, while investigation is ongoing.”


2. Kaduna




The Southern Kaduna Peoples Union, SOKAPU, has lamented the reign of terror that people in the state live under, saying that jihadists, bandits, armed herdsmen and other terrorists have continued to cause havoc in the communities in the south of the state. The president of SOKAPU, Awemi Dio Maisamari, said that in the latest attacks, on 12 and 13 September 2022, in Kasuwan Magani, Kajuru Local Government Area. On 12 September, six individuals were abducted in a nighttime raid in the Ungwan Fada part of town. Maisamari says “With no measure in place to forestall a recurrence, the following day (September 13), the terrorists stormed the Cherubim and Seraphim Church during a night

vigil Programme at the Bayan Kasuwa quarters of Kauwan Magani town at midnight. They succeeded in carting away more than 60 people from the church and neigbouring houses. However, they could not take all of them away because some were little children, too aged to have health challenges. While retreating with their captors to their camps, the attacked Janwuriya village, and a few kilometers from Kasuwan Magani and abducted two more persons. As of now, 45 persons have so far been confirmed. They demanded a ransom of N200 million, but the negotiation is ongoing. We don’t know the identity or the fate of the five missing persons yet. In other communities in Kajuru and Chikun LGAs, the occupying terrorists cohabit with the locals where the locals are treated like captives. They are terrorized at will, making it difficult or impossible for them to till or harvest their farms. As a result, most early maturing crops are left to rot on the farm. This is a daily experience in most occupied communities in Southern Kaduna.” the union says, in the last few months, the area has been inundated by scores of cattle herds and herdsmen, roaming in from neighbouring states. These cattle, led by their herders, eat crops at will, while the herders are engaging in a process of destroying farmland, often at night, by theft of crops and even intimidating farmers trying to keep their fields safe. “Hundreds of hectares of crops bearing farmlands valued in millions of Naira have been destroyed. Worse hit is Sankwab Gora Gida, Warkan, Ashong Ashui, Abuyab, Zamandabo and Shiliam communities, in Atyap Chiefdom, Zangon Kataf Local Government Area in Southern Kaduna. We know that our security agencies and personnel have the capacity to rout these enemies of the people and the state because their routes, locations and sometimes, even collaborators within and without are well known, SOKAPU is also not aware of the immense suffering and sacrifices being made by our security forces, which we appreciate. In view of the above, SOKAPU wishes to express profound sympathy to indigenous communities and peaceful Fulani herdsmen affected by this cruelty. We are calling on all communities not to let down their guards at this critical moment. Let us arise and prevent the last minutes of the devastation of our dear people and our precious ancestral homeland. We will definitely survive this ill wind, and even thrive once more in the land of our birth allotted to us by the Almighty.”


3. Bishop Kukah Speaks Out On Kidnappings




The bishop of Sokoto, Bishop Matthew Kukah, has revealed that due to the kidnappings of priests that is so rife, he has paid over N30 million in ransom payments. This was revealed in a programme that was held titled “High-level forum on political communication and issue-based campaign in the 2023 general elections.” The programme was held and organized by the National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies, with the collaboration of The Kukah Centre, was organized to prepare the politicians ahead of the election campaigns. He says Nigerians should vote for political leaders who understand the situation on the ground and can move the country forward in a good way, instead of those “displaying themselves as messiah”. “When we talk about 2023 elections, we need to talk about how we will get ourselves out of all of these. The questions that the Ordinary Nigerians are legitimate and it is the responsibility of those who govern to deal frontally with the issue. We need to re-image and re-imagine Nigeria because the Nigeria that we have today is not the Nigeria that many of us can recognize. Before coming here, I was speaking with my brother, because two days ago, my nephew, his mother, and the driver were on their way to Abuja when they ran into the hands of kidnappers. My brother’s wife had an amputation some three months ago and they were bringing her to Abuja, so when the kidnappers saw the stomp on her leg, they had mercy on her and let her go. Right now, as we speak, my nephew and the driver of the vehicle are currently in the hands of the kidnappers, how it is going to end? I don’t know. then they said they wanted Nm, they then said they wanted Nm. now they are staying on N30m.” he was very upfront about the amount of N30m paid so far to kidnappers, saying, “I am the Bishop of Sekoto Diocese, I have spent about N30m the money I don’t have because my priests were kidnapped and I have nowhere to turn to. I am not ashamed to say it because these are essential realities. Anyone who wants to become president of Nigeria cannot pretend to stand before me without giving me empirical evidence from his or her record about how they intend to deal with these issues because there is a collective feeling of alienation. Here in Abuja, just about a month or so, when the threats came that the bandits will enter into Abuja, everybody went undercover.”



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