17 November 2021 – The International Christian Concern (ICC) listed Nigeria as the worst persecuting country and the following day the ICC was met with astonishment. The U.S. Department of State delisted Nigeria from the designations for state and non-state religious freedom violators. They worry that the US Department of State removed Nigeria as a CPC (Countries of Particular Concern) remains a mystery, as in previous years Nigeria was on the list due to the “systematic, ongoing, and egregious violations of religious freedom” and this past year the violence has increased radically against the Christian society. ICC and other human rights organizations were surprised as the ICC released a “Persecutor of the Year Award”, specifically naming Nigeria as a top persecutor, as well as a report compiled of the transgressions of President Buhari’s governments’ failure to adequately respond.


20 November 2021 – Reverend Samson Ayokunle, the President of CAN (Christian Association of Nigeria), is concerned as the US Department of State never liaised or contacted CAN when compiling the new list of “Countries of Particular Concern). Reverend Ayokunle insists the bandits have linked with militant Islamic groups and committed numerous kidnappings and attacks on churches and worshipers. Kidnappings and other criminal acts in Nigeria have become a lucrative business for making large sums of money on ransoms and assaults. CAN insist that Nigerian government policies need to be religiously neutral and avoid any religious discrimination, as seen the Ministry of Interior has not renewed the new marriage certificate booklets churches need to conduct weddings. Similarly, Christian students in Nigeria have complained about the denied admission status’ to government-owned Universities and some states in the North denies Christians the “Certificate of Occupancy” to allow churches to be constructed in their own country. Additionally, the Nigerian government refuses to link banditry as terrorism, thus allowing the attackers to commit atrocities that are not considered terrorism. Unlike other criminals, the Islamic terrorists and ISWAP did not have to face the law or programs of rehabilitation and de-radicalization. CAN finally note that the government of Nigeria is still funding the membership of Nigeria in all the International Islamic Organizations. 


President Biden’s administration is questioned, as the most effective weapon is International pressure and its ability to prevent a slow-motion war. When Trump was President, he insisted Nigeria is a priority and will be watched closely after confronting President Buhari personally, however, Biden’s government have delisted Nigeria as a concern without providing any information or reasoning. Allowing President Buhari’s regime to unleash terror on Christians without consequence.


20 November 2021 – Police intercepted a burial convoy, comprising of a bus and three motorcycles, in a routine checkpoint and suspicion arose as the burial poster dedicated to Mrs Bridget Chine Nwadiozor had an overdue date for 22 October 2021. When the officers insisted on searching the bus, a suspect tried to shoot at the police officer with a Barretta pistol, which began a shootout. The shootout resulted in the death of the suspect with the pistol, and once the officers tried to neutralize the situation, they only managed to arrest one other suspect, Odedira Ezuala (23 years old) while all the other suspects escaped.


Sheik Halliru Abdullahi Maraya and Reverend John Joseph Hayab are known as the “The Kaduna Twins” and are known for their leading role in Nigeria for building bridges of respect, understanding and tolerance across the religious divides between the Muslim and Christian communities. Both serve as principal facilitators in workshops and forums and are leaders of the campaign “Once Family Under God” for Nigeria’s GPF. The Twins of Kaduna have advanced peace measurably and model spiritual leadership beyond their sectarian identities. Bliken has chosen to 


After U.S. Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken’s approval of removing Nigeria from the CPC list, Reverend Hayab met with Blinken and insisted that Nigerian Christians mainly want freedom of speech. As seen when Luka Binniyat, a journalist who was placed in jailed for his story released that was in contradiction of the Nigerian government. President Buhari’s government has a history of using “cyberstalking” as a tactic to silence journalists, and this needs to be addressed.


22 November 2021 – A soldier was found dead after a surprise gun duel by unknown gunmen at Isieke junction in Awo Mmamma community in Oru East LGA of Imo state. The soldiers retaliated by torching the community, including burning the fuel station, hotel, houses, cars and some shops.


23 November 2021 – This video shows the aftermath of an attack by soldiers in Awo Mmamma, Imo state, following their clash with the unknown gunmen and revenge for the death of their colleague. People can be heard crying, as their properties and businesses are destroyed. 

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