Johan Viljoen, Reabetswe Tloubatla
4 October 2023

Date of Incident: 1st and 2nd October, 2023

Location: Tse Awunah village along Naka-Agagbe Road, Gwer West LGA, and Dudu village, Daudu community of Guma LGA.

Fulani terrorists attacks on communities in Benue State have been ongoing for some years now and have in fact displaced over 2 million persons who have been reduced to living conditions unworthy of human beings. This year, alone FJDP has documented over forty attacks, sometimes with deadly consequences. Of late, the Fulani terrorists have also resorted to kidnappings and rape of women and young girls. They also in addition to killings and kidnappings, bring their flock to ravage people’s farms a situation that portends acute hunger down the line. On many occasions attacks happen very close to a military or police centres but no response is ever had from security agencies. The new government has continued to play the Ostrich and has not come out to either take actions that will put a stop to these attacks, killings and displacements. In the last few weeks, attacks on villagers are becoming again a daily occurrence with the security agencies not doing anything to come to the aid of the defenceless villagers. Below is the report of the killings that took place on the 1st and 2nd of October in two different Local Government Areas of the State both in Makurdi diocese. Photos are attached and we advise viewer discretion.




This is an incident report of a tragic militia herdsmen attacks in Tse Awunah village along Naka-Agagbe Road, Gwer West LGA, and Dudu and Mada villages in Daudu community of Mbawa council ward, Guma LGA, on the 1st and 2nd October, 2023 respectively. The tragic event in Tse Awunah village of Gwer West resulted in the gruesome killing of one Mr Ezekiel Atakpa, whereas three other persons ( Msuega Jacob, Saaondo Agagbe and Arinze Chukuma) caught up in the heinous attack sustained varying degrees of injuries. One of them is being attended to at the general hospital in Naka, Gwer West LGA, while two of the victims, Mr Awuhe Msuega Jacob and Saaondo Agagbe were moved by FJDP from the hospital in Naka to the BSU Teaching Hospital Makurdi due to the severe conditions of their injuries. The deceased and victims were on their way from Naka to Agagbe when they were ambushed at Tse Awunah village by the armed terrorist Fulani herders. The attack that occurred on the 2nd October, 2023 in Dudu and Mada villages in Daudu, Guma LGA when armed terrorist herdsmen unleashed terror on innocent and unarmed villagers killing three persons in the process. (2 women and 1 child), Names still unknown at the time of filing this report. One of the deceased, a pregnant woman was brutally cut on her stomach by the terrorists who removed and killed the child in her womb leaving her helpless lady with her intestines all out (see photo). She was also rushed to the BSU Teaching Hospital where she was receiving medical treatment. Sadly, she died in the course of the treatment. In a separate incident on that same 1st October, 2023 where large hectres of maize farm belonging to Mr Gumor Ken Agbu-city, in Onmbaagbu community of Tyoughatee Council Ward, Gwer West LGA was utterly destroyed using cutlasses by the armed herders for their cattle to graze on. The tragic incidences in Gwer West and Guma LGAs has left the communities in shock, mourning, and displacement of sizeable number of persons. The brutality of the attack and the loss of innocent lives call for a swift and coordinated response by the government and security operatives so as to put to a stop the incessant killings of the Indigenous people of Benue State by the Fulani terrorists Herdsmen.

Photos of the deceased and the victims are shown below:




The lifeless body of Mr Ezekiel Atakpa who was killed along Naka – Agagbe road, Gwer West LGA.










Photo of the three victims who were attacked along Naka – Agagbe road in Gwer West LGA.

Photo of the pregnant woman who was cut on her stomach with the child removed and killed in Daudu, Guma LGA, leaving her intestines out. She later died on her treatment bed at the BSU Teaching Hospital, Makurdi.




Photo showing a maize farm destroyed by armed terrorist herdsmen in Onmbaagbu,Gwer West LGA











Islamic State West African Province (ISWAP) has apparently killed the leader of Boko Haram in Sambisa and Gwoza. Ali Gana Alhaji Ali was killed during fighting that resulted from an ambush this past Sunday, an ambush conducted by ISWAP fighters. Ali will not be missed though, as he was known as a ruthless and bloodthirsty terrorist. According to a local security source, “He was the deputy of the late Ali Ngulde and apart from Shekau, nobody killed human beings like him from Sambisa forest and Bayan Dutsen Gwoza. He was a crude killer. His foot terrorists in Gwoza areas constantly instill death on communities, farmers and commuters along Pulka, Bankin, Bama and Gwoza Mubi routes. They take no prisoners; people are slaughtered in their farms on a weekly basis. Gwoza people will surely celebrate his demise.”

Terrorists who were hiding in a forest in Borno state were targeted by Nigeria’s Air Force in a series of air strikes, destroying their hideouts. Between 27 and 30 September, Tumbun Fulani and Tumbun Shitu gunmen were seen loading jerricans in trucks by the Airforce. According to Air Commodore Edward Gabkwet, “Subsequently, NAF aircraft were scrambled to interdict the location, believed to be a major logistics base. After the strike, Battle Damage Assessment revealed several terrorists were neutralized and the gun trucks destroyed. Similar strikes were also undertaken at Tumbun Shitu after structures believed to be terrorists’ hideout were observed tucked under thick foliage. Additionally, 3-gun trucks with terrorists were sighted moving into the location. The need to strike the location thus became imperative. The aftermath of the air strike revealed several terrorists were neutralized and the trucks destroyed. The determination of the Armed Forces of Nigeria to significantly limit the activities of terrorists in the Northeast and indeed other parts of Nigeria remains on course. Operational gains by the AFN are indicative of improved synergy and cooperation by all security agencies as well as the unwavering support of all Nigerians.”

Last week, Fulani herdsmen, and other suspected terrorists killed at least 15 Christians in Kaduna state; this on the back of another attack the week prior to that. On Wednesday 27 September, Angwan Magaji village, Kauru County was attacked, and three Christians were killed. On Tuesday, three were killed in Kiga village, this according to Abel Habila Adamu, a local community leader. “We are saddened to inform you with a heavy heart about a resurgence of attacks on Christians by the armed Fulani herdsmen and terrorists. Indeed, our land is bleeding, and the blood of innocent Christians cries profusely for justice. This has clearly shown that our land is indeed under siege by our enemies, terrorists and herdsmen. Considering how sacrosanct life is to any human society, we condemn these killings and hereby reiterate the fact that the attacks are quite detestable to our peaceful society and people. We call on government at all levels to approach security matters with utmost sincerity and honesty as well as charge security heads to be more proactive in dealing with security matters concerning our land.” He named the fatalities as Martina Ishaya,55; Sunday Gizindi, 55; Danhuma Alah, 35; Joseph Baza Dauda, 23; Danladi Yakubu,57; and Simon Chibi,33. Along with those killed Yohanna Anah Ishaya, 27; Gado Monday Kiri, 53; Victor Timothy,23; and Johan Auta were injured in the attacks. On Tuesday 26 September, predominantly Christian village Takkanai, in Zangon Kataf, was attacked and 6 residents were killed, and four others wounded. Samson Markus, community leader says: “The herdsmen, who were well armed with guns and other deadly weapons, attacked the village at about 7pm, as the villagers were getting ready to go to sleep. Among those killed are two children.”

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