Violence continues to escalate. The South East is bracing for further hardship following a call by IPOB for a total stay away should Nnamdi Kanu not be released unconditionally. This is likely to add immeasurable hardship to a population already suffering from economic collapse and soaring food prices.

In its 8 – 14 August 2021 edition, “The Catholic Standard” of Ghana reports that 3 462 Christians have been killed in Nigeria in the six month period of January to June 2021. This is almost equal to the total number of killings recorded for the whole of 2020 – a clear indication of an escalation of the violence. During the same period, there were 3 000 abductions, and 300 churches were destroyed.

Below is an update of the latest incidents:

28 July 2021 – A recent generation of pro-government NGO’s have been developed by top powerbrokers in Nigeria. These NGO’s do so by impersonating authentic civil society groups, which attack the critics while an advocate for these top officials. Being a part of a pro-government NGO can be a means to progress to high public office or gain influence in media and the political arenas. A statistic reveals that since President Buhari took office in 2015, 90% of the pro-government NGO’s started operating (currently there are 360 pro-government NGO’s). These pro-government NGO’s are not transparent with their funding, which suggests they work on the demand of the funders. As seen, only 7% of the pro-government NGO’s are legally listed on Nigeria’s corporate registry, as most operate for a minimal period before disappearing.

29 July 2021 – Nnamdi Kanu (a leader of IPOB) was arrested and is currently awaiting trial. However, IPOB threatens the Federal Government with a “weekly total lockdown” starting from 9 August 2021 throughout the South East if Kanu is not released by 8 August 2021, unconditionally. The Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA) cautions President Buhari to avoid social upheavals due to the re-arrest of Nnamdi Kanu, as the right-thinking supporters globally can see him as “a prisoner of conscience”. Aloy Ejimakor, Kanu’s lawyer, states that as Kanu, Omoyele Sowore, and Sunday Igboho are “alpha patriots” and angered with the system, they do not need to be subjected to treason trials immediately, rather be spoken with first.

Official Press Statement by IPOB on:

30 July 2021 – on Tuesday evening, gunmen entered the houses of a mechanic, Felix Okechukwu, from Ududu village and a palm wine trapper, Eberechukwu Udemba, in Amanato village and proceeded to behead the men and display their heads on a table at the Orie Okporo community market. Police and the Community Heads do not know why this crime was committed and many civilians have fled their properties in fear of the unknown.

30 July 2021 – the armed Fulani militia attacked the farmlands in Obiaruku, Ukwani LGA of Delta state. The armed Fulani militia seized the farmlands, food items and proceeded to hold some of the farmer’s hostage, who has yet to be returned. The youth and vigilantes of the community attempted a rescue mission where they gathered and charged into the forests. However, residents are afraid of the bloodbath that will occur and call on the authorities to intervene. Mrs Maria Obinta, a local farmer, confirmed her farm was destroyed by the armed Fulani militia and overrun with their cows, forcing numerous farmers to abandon their livelihoods. Mr Possible Ajede, the Chairman of Ukwuani Local Government Council, confirmed 8 of the farmers had been rescued with the combined team of local vigilantes and the police force, however, 3 farmers are still missing.

2 August 2021 – The armed Fulani militia murdered 7 civilians, destroyed over 250 homes and razed more than 40 farms and their crops over a 4 hour unhindered period in communities of Miango, Local Government Area of Plateau state.

2 August 2021 – Security operatives arrived in Orlu, Imo state with 15 motor vehicles (including an Armoured Personnel Vehicle), and proceeded to burn down the Ezeacho Hotel, the hotel owners, Chinonso Uba’s, residential home and 15 shops. The motive for the attack is still unclear, however, Chinonsos family is believed to live in the hotel and his mother is a popular politician in the community. Sadly, 2 civilians were killed in the attack.




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