Two more Catholic priests were kidnapped in the last week. Rev. Fr. Udo Peter and Rev. Fr. Philemon Oboh were taken along the Benin-Auchi Expressway between Ehor and Iruekpen areas, in the Central Senatorial District in Edo State. This was confirmed by the public relations officer for police, SP Chidi Nwabuzor. “This is to confirm the kidnap of two Catholic Reverend Fathers, Rev. Fr. Udo Peter of Patrick’s Catholic Church Uromi and Rev. Fr. Philemon Oboh of St. Joseph Retreat Centre, Ugboha, in Esan South East Local Government Area of Edo State.” Police were dispatched by Edo Commissioner of Police, Mr. Abutu Yaro, to pursue their disappearance and ensure their return. They were successfully rescued in the early hours of Wednesday, and taken to Edo State Government House, and were received by Governor Philip Shaibu. According to the governor’s press secretary, Musa Ebomhiana, “I can confirm that the clerics have been released and they were brought to the Government House where they were received by the acting governor who was elated to see them. He commended the security operatives for the rescue operation and urged them to keep up the good job and rid the state of criminals.” The priests were both rescued unhurt, and returned to their respective missions to be reunited with their parishioners and families.

How terrorists attacked Kuje prison in Abuja – Witnesses, Residents


In Kuje, on the outskirts of Abuja, a brazen jailbreak was effected by Boko Haram Islamists, this past Tuesday. At around 10pm, explosions and gunfire were heard coming from the prison compound. Witnesses who live near the facility say the noise and attack seemed to go on for about an hour, and security forces only arrived long after the melee. Iliya Makama, who lives nearby, said, “At around 10pm we hear the sounds of gunshots continuing for about 40 minutes. In between the shooting we started hearing loud explosions. After a little over an hour, they started running past my window. At first I was lying down on the floor with my wife. All this while there were no sirens or helicopter patrol from the police or soldiers.” Chukuemeka Michael, who also lives nearby, also gave his account of the events. According to him, he and a friend noticed an unusual number of groups of men sitting along the street where the prison is located. “It happed around this area here because we were outside waiting for bikes to take us out because my house is behind the prison here. Some guys were there smoking around the prison area. They were there smoking and enjoying themselves. Then my friend told me that we should start walking out because he does not understand what is going on there. I told him ‘no, let’s wait for the bike.’ It was not up to minutes after he told me, we started hearing gun shots and so we ran…I slept under the bed, the military man that was on the road entered my house. He removed his uniform and hid the guns. They (the guns used by the assailants) are like machines, they are way faster than the normal ones Nigerians use. It was directly entering the compound even our street was covered in bullets and gunshots and all these things. It was so terrible we couldn’t believe it. We thought a situation like this would end quickly! They started from nine o’clock till like 12 midnight. It was really serious. Soldiers couldn’t even do anything, they were running.” According to authorities, the attackers forced their way into the compound after the explosions and helped hundreds of prisoners to flee. Shuaib Belgore, permanent secretary of the Nigerian interior ministry, said an on-duty guard was killed after the rebels gained entry. “We understand they are Boko Haram. They came specifically for their co-conspirators. Right now, we have retrieved about 300 out of about 600 that got out of the jail.” However, a statement from the Nigerian Minister of Defense, Bashir Magashi, seems to contradict these figures. According to a statement from him, “about 994 inmates, we have about 600 already inside now. Many people are being recaptured. The people who came to do this from the records belong to a particular group, from all the indicators they are Boko Haram. Presently, we could not locate any of them. Currently there are about 64 of them as inmate and we could not locate them.” Efforts are continuing to recapture the escaped prisoners.



In Delta State, in the Oshimili North Local Government Area, about 300 Fulani herdsmen are being accused of invading land that doesn’t belong to them, and taking over the land. The traditional ruler of the area, the Okpanam Kingdom, HRM Michael Ogbolu, raised the issue at a meeting last week, held at his palace, and gave the Fulani’s 15 days to vacate the area. “Fulani people just went to occupy one part of Obodogba land belonging to Okpanam community. In our previous engagement, Obi Eluunor told us that anything concerning the Fulani people, we should route it through his office. I wrote to Obi Eluuno, I gave him seven days to remove the Fulani people from our bushes. Then the Commissioner of Police wrote, fixing a meeting for last week, at the same time, the local government chairman, Mr. Esewezie, came around, asking that we sit down to address the issues. He galvanized the whole of them and we met here in my palace and I told them that the matter is very simple, only that the government in Delta State does not respect the laws made by it. During the tenure of the former council chairman, Louis Ndukwe, the council came up with executive order requiring all Fulani people, herders and strangers in our bushes to vacate and come and live with us in the town, but nothing was done. Our position is that the chairman of Oshimili North, Esewezie, should give effect to the executive order; we cannot accommodate these people in our bushes. We are predominantly farmers, they bulldoze their way into the bushes, and they eat up our farm crops and also rape our women. The long and short of it is that we gave them 15 days with which to relocate and that by July 14, 2022, the council chairman will go there (occupied area) himself to witness the evacuation.” Local community leader, Louis Ndukwe, also had a lot to say about the invasion. “The council chairman held a meeting with Fulani herdsmen even on Sunday, you know that the former council chairman came up with an executive order in 2020. It has to be implemented. Few days ago, he also met with Fulani people, he is dealing with the security challenges community by community. The truth is that these people (Fulani) went to Okpanam, forcefully took a parcel of land and as we speak, they are turning themselves into a community of over 300 persons without authorisation from the community. They just come into any community, bulldoze their way and are doing all sorts of nonsense. Luckily for us, the leadership of the Fulani is cooperating with the council, the police are also cooperating.” We have agreed with traditional rulers and stakeholders. We have informed the police and other security agencies. What we are saying is enough is enough. We do not want to accommodate anybody in our bushes anymore. It is about the security of our people. If you want to live in Oshimili North, buy a piece of land and stop living in bushes,”

However, the Fulani’s are disputing being illegal occupants, saying they live on the land rightfully. According to their spokesperson, Idris Abubaker, “The Federal Government should come to our aid so they can allow us stay as legal occupants. The government should come to our aid and halt the council chairman from passing this so-called executive order. Whoever is living in any place is a legal occupant of that place. We have receipts that they gave to us. We pay tenancy each year.”



Benue State continues to slide deeper into bloodshed. In his update on the situation on 5 July 2022, Most Revd. Wilfred Chikpa Anagbe CMF, Bishop of Makurdi Diocese, paints a grim picture, and is absolutely clear as to who is behind the bloodshed:


Dear friends in Christ,

Like we have been doing for some time now, I once again take this moment to share with you the situation of continued killings, maiming and displacement of our people by Islamic militant groups often faking as “HERDSMEN” or as the government prefers that they be called, – “UNKNOWN GUN MEN”. However, these are FULANI TERRORISTS GROUPS OPERATING UNDER THE DIFFERENT NAMES.

The killings recorded capture primarily activities in the Catholic Diocese of Makurdi, that we can conveniently say houses over 80 percent of the now quoted figure of 1.5 million displaced persons in Benue State. camps-in-benue-official/

Like I have consistently maintained, the scale of killings, displacement and wanton destruction of property by these Fulani jihadists militia only buttresses the now revealed agenda to depopulate Christian communities in Nigeria and take over lands. Tellingly, the government in power in Nigeria at the moment continues to do nothing about these persistent attacks, save to give laughable reasons like “climate change” or that some Muslims too are sometimes killed in attacks by so-called bandits.

Having said the above, I would like to again say that, notwithstanding the threats to personal harm especially when people speak up against the evil Fulani herdsmen jihadists, we shall continue to draw the attention of the outside world to the plan by Islamists and their sponsors to Islamize Christian territories through these killings and occupation of lands.

Recall what I said in my previous report that from the time I became bishop of Makurdi in 2014 to the present day hardly a day passes by that I don’t receive a sad story of killing and displacement of our people by barbaric Fulani herdsmen. For some years now I have not been able to carry out pastoral activities in parts of my diocese.

See below details of killings and displacement within the time frame under consideration:



1st May, 2022

Agboughul community in Makurdi LGA

4 persons killed, scores injured.


9th May, 2022

Ayilamo community,Logo LGA

2 persons killed.


12th May, 2022

Tatyough community, Makurdi LGA

4 persons killed, 2 abducted. Those killed include:

a) Termedegh Ukuman

b) John Ukuman

c) Kutim Ukuman

d) Aondongu Ukuman

Scores injured and displaced from their homes


20th May 2022

Alashi community, Kaambe in Guma LGA

5 persons killed, scores injured


26th May 2022

Ologba community, Agatu LGA

2 persons killed, scores injured and displaced.


2nd June, 2022

Tse Akoo community in Guma LGA

4 killed, many injured an displaced. Those killed include:

a) Torbee Akor-Ivaan

b) Tyoakaa Amor

c) Deri Dabo

d) Jagba


6th June, 2022

Ikyungwa community, Ayilamo in Logo LGA

2 persons killed.


12th June, 2022

Igama community, Edumoga in Okpokwu LGA

30 persons killed, scores injured and many displaced


14th June, 2022

Tse Ayeri community in Guma LGA

2 persons killed, scores injured and displaced. Those killed are: a. Antse Diu

b. Agado Diu


20th June, 2022

At Utange community of Udei in Guma LGA

5 persons killed, scores injured. Those killed include:

a) Benjamin Igbadio Dookaan

b) Tsebee Gamzo

c) Kwadi Akau

d) Akom

e) Ibrahim (a truck driver)


21st June, 2022

At Tyolaha community along Naka- Makurdi road, Gwer

West LGA

2 persons abducted and tortured but later released after Ransome is paid. They are:

a) Arch. Terfa Ahenjir

b) Udughkwagh Afana


25th June 2022

At Tse Udoh community, Mbaavungu, Guma LGA

4 killed, scores injured and thousands displaced from their homes. Those killed include:

a) Igba Audu

b) Zohoh Iopaparen

The other names are yet to be obtained.

30thJune, 2022

Tse Orkpe and Yelewata communities of Guma LGA

3 killed: Names:

a) Emberga Meende

b) Nyajo Emberga

c) Christiana Mtem their homes


30thJune, 2022

Yelewata, in Guma LGA

1 person killed.


The information above worrying as it is represent just a fraction of what is happening in Nigeria at the moment with the Islamists. I am sure you all aware of our recent pain in Nigeria where priests have been kidnapped and in some cases killed. The killing of Fr. Vitus Borogo of Kaduna diocese (killed 25th June) and Fr. Christopher Odia of Auchi diocese (killed 26th June) are just two examples to highlight, coming closely on the heels of the massacre in Owo, Ondo State on Pentecost Sunday.

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