The SANDF deployment to Cabo Delgado is in full swing. The SA Navy strike craft, SAS Makhanda has made port in Pemba, and will form part of the maritime interventions by the SADC to curb the insurgent violence in the region. In addition to being there to help counter the insurgency, it will also, since it is fully staffed, be used to help stem the growing flow of piracy and smuggling of goods and people between Tanzania and Mozambique. The SANDF deployment also includes armoured vehicles and troops from 43 SA Brigade, stationed in Wallmannsthal, who made land in Ressano Garcia Saturday morning.

Added to this, Botswana has also in the last week sent 296 troops to aid in the push back efforts.

The final total troop deployment per SADC country is as follows:

1. South Africa= 1495

2. Botswana= 300

3. Zimbabwe= 304

4. Angola= 20

5. Namibia= no troops, but a commitment of N$5 800 000 (US$404 000)

Malawi, Lesotho, Eswatini, Comoros, Seychelles, DRC, Mauritius and Tanzania all haven’t sent troops or money or committed to doing so either

The SADC, usually lambasted for its slow responses and constant placating of heads of state, and treating even emergency situations as talk shops and endless roundtable discussions, can in this instance, be cautiously applauded for actually getting feet on the ground in a situation that if left unattended, would destabilize the whole region, a region which is plagued by porous borders and lack of adequate policing of these borders.

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