Refugees and internally displaced people at the Quitanda camp in Afungi, near the defunct Total plant, are being held against their will, according to inhabitants. They say the military manning the camp is refusing to let them go, and is using them pre-emptively as human shields against potential attacks by insurgents, which are predicted to pick up again now that the holy month of Ramadan is over. The military is also not allowing humanitarian aid and workers into the camp, and agencies like the UN and World Food are refusing to send food aid to the camp because the army is refusing them entry, and as such they have no way of overseeing the food distribution. This has left the inhabitants destitute, because they relied almost entirely on the donations coming into the camp.

Mozambican army generals, long suspected of aiding and abetting illegal activities, are again embroiled in scandal. Some army generals are now being accused of conspiring with Chinese poachers who are stripping forests of wood. This comes on the back of rumours abounding about the recent looting of banks in Palma during the attacks of 27 March 2021. The number of people accusing the army’s officers and generals of playing active parts in that looting, that the army members themselves were the ones involved with the pillaging of the banks in Mocimboa do Praia, Macomia and Palma, because the attacks were too well coordinated when compared to the other activity by insurgents at the same time.

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