The United States military has completed a joint military training exercise with the FADM, to bolster the native forces ability to counter terrorism and insurgency in Mozambique. On Monday, US Ambassador Dennis Hearne announced, during the ceremony to mark the end of the training “The United States remains committed to helping Mozambique combat terrorism and prevent the spread of violent extremism.” The training was spearheaded by the US Special Operations Forces, who took in 100 Mozambican Commandos to teach them skills, a training that lasted 6 weeks. Since July the US Department of Defense has trained about 160 FADM soldiers, including medical personnel.

Meanwhile, the EU military force, the European Union Training Mission (EUTM) will begin arriving in Maputo this week, with the full force complement being active by the end of the year. According to Nuno Lemos Pires, the Portuguese brigadier-general seconded to lead the EUTM, has made it clear that the direction the mission will take will be determined by how many countries participate in the exercise, saying “On the 16th– the date on which the force generation conference will take place- we will have greater clarity on how many countries will effectively give manpower, for what and how many. The only thing we know is that we are going to have around ten or twelve European Union countries and we will probably have two or three countries from outside the European Union…Portugal remains firm in its commitment to, if necessary, contribute with up to fifty percent of the personnel, which on the ground will be around 120 people, with an additional 50 troops on call for emergency situations for a total force complement of 170 people.

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