With well over 60 000 displaced persons from Cabo Delgado currently in Nampula Province, and with many more arriving daily, the lack of housing and food are critical. Some IDP’s sleep under straw shelters. The Archdiocese of Nampula, through Caritas Nampula and with support from the Denis Hurley Peace Centre, has launched an ambitious project to build 300 houses for indigent displacees.

In a previous country update we reported and published photographs of displaced women cutting grass and cooking it up to feed their families. Caritas Nampula is now also starting regular deliveries of emergency food pascels.

See below a report from the Denis Hurley Peace Institute official in Nampula:

“The housing project in the Corrane reception centre started with CEDES the other NGO, last week. Each house takes approximately 5 days to be built and the labour force required is split 50/50% between IDPs and people from the neighbouring host communities. This is the model house, with the government-approved prototype. It consists of two bedrooms and a living room.

The construction of our houses is marked to begin on the 24th as next week the materials will be delivered at Corrane. There will be one difference, we will include doors and windows.

Regarding our food deliveries, the first one is scheduled for next Wednesday 19th. We will deliver the food along with the WFP, so each household receives their food parcels in just one delivery, making it easier for them.

I am also including some pictures of some of the families in the Reception Center, who despite all adversities have found creative ways to start moving forward, they still have a long way to go, but resilience is something you definitely see in them. MHPSS poses an urgent need, the families not only have traumas based on what they saw back home or what they had to endure to get to Nampula, but also because of what they have to face each day, living in a place where they depend on whatever food they are giving, where jobs are a scarce commodity, and their children’s education is not at all what any kid should be getting.”

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