Traders of a local market in Shisong, a quarter of Kumbo Town in Bui Division of the Northwest region, bore the brunt of the fury of the ARFs on Monday August 30, 2021. The separatist fighters got to this market and chased away the sellers before proceeding to pull down tables on which fruits of various types, vegetables and other provisions were displayed.

The attack on the market, DHPI learnt, was another move by the ARFs to enforce the routine and compulsory Monday ghost town (lockdown) that has been in force throughout the Northwest and Southwest regions for over 4 years now.

This community market serves the neighbourhood of Shisong and most especially, the St Elizabeth Catholic Hospital and Cardiac Centre.

The fact that this local market serves just a neighbourhood and the patients in a hospital yet it still incurred the wrath of the ARFs stresses the need for the locals to choose personal safety and survival over and above anything else.

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