Government soldiers raided the village of Kwa’nso on July 1, 2021, torching several houses in the process. The attack, our sources revealed, was launched in order to rid that locality of Ambazonia Restoration Forces (ARFs) who are believed to inhabit that community in their numbers. No deaths were recorded in the operation, although many villagers saw their homes reduced to ashes.

The fact that not a single ARF was arrested nor killed in the process of the raid goes a long way to show that the military-suppression approach used by the government for all these years has failed and will continue to fail. It is

high time a genuine all-inclusive dialogue was adopted in the place of the futile military-suppression style still in place.

The burning of homes of people leads only to further radicalize them with the resulting hardship that it inflicts on a wounded people. The state army has up until this moment used the burning of houses and other atrocities on the civilian population in order to force them to expose the rebels yet it has yielded no fruits. The truth remains that the government needs to hold the soldiers in their camps and the rebels remain in their hideouts and an atmosphere for dialogue be created.


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