UNHCR reports that there are now close to 100 000 refugees from the Anglophone parts of Cameroon in Cross River State and Benue State, Nigeria, with refugees settling as far away as Akwa Ibom State. The killing of unarmed civilians by the Cameroonian military continues in the Anglophone parts of the country.

During the week of 20 August 2018, Mr Gregory Fonjock was shot dead by soldiers, while waiting outside the market for his wife, who was inside shopping. The incident happened in the town of Buea. See picture below:

During the same week, Professor Sama, of the Technical University of Bamenda, was shot dead by Cameroonian soldiers, in his house in Bali, west of Bamenda. See picture below:

Also during the same week, a husband and wife were killed execution style by Cameroonian soldiers. They were both registered nurses working at the Bamenda Regional Hospital. They were accused of providing medical care to Anglophones who were being treated in the Hospital for wounds sustained during attacks by Cameroonian soldiers.

According to reports received from Bamenda, there is fear in the Anglophone parts of the country that schools will not be allowed to re-open on 3 September, when schools re-open in the rest of the country. The official reason given by government is that the security situation makes it difficult. Residents in the Anglophone territories largely see this as an attempt by the government to deprive their children of education.






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