The past ten days have seen an escalation in the armed conflict that has been affecting Anglophone Cameroon since 2017. On Thursday 3 September 2020 two Cameroon Policemen were killed near City Chemist in Bamenda by suspected separatists. Bamenda is the Capital city of the North-West Region of Cameroon; one of the two Anglophone territories involved in the conflict between the Cameroon military and pro-independence groups. The government security forces reacted by imposing “collective punishment” on the civilian population of Bamenda. The military and Police went on the rampage throughout  Bamenda, storming the local food market, vandalizing businesses, and arresting many people, especially women, taking them to the police station. At the police station, most of the females were released while some males were also released after paying bribes of at least 5000 Francs each.

Cameroon Security forces continued with “collective punishment”  of civilians, closure of businesses, and destruction of properties on Friday  4 September. Commercial Avenue, City Chemist, Hospital Roundabout and Food Market were completely shut down with businesses paralyzed and residents on the run into nearby bushes and places of shelter.

The Mayor of Bamenda reinforced the actions of the security forces by banning the circulation of commercial motorbikes throughout the city of Bamenda in what they termed “Operation Clean Bamenda”. The pro-independence groups in the Anglophone territories, including the Interim Government led by Mr Dabney Yerima, the Ambazonia Governing Council led by Dr Ayaba Cho Lucas, and the Consortium led by Mr John Mbah Akuruh responded with a ban on the movement of vehicles throughout Bamenda with the exception of humanitarian relief vehicles and ambulances, from Monday  7 to Friday 11 September in solidarity with commercial motorbikers who depend on the mobility of their motorbikes for their livelihoods, and to pressurize the government to lift the ban on circulation of motorbikes in what they termed “Operation No Motorbike No Vehicles”.

These actions from the government and pro-independence groups exacerbated the situation as the city became completely paralyzed. Reports were received of invasions of homes and community radio stations (Rainbow FM), torture, and summary execution of civilians by the military. According to reports, ten people were killed between 3 and 10 September 2020 in Bamenda by the military

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