Church Under Attack


Eritrea has been governed by one of the most brutal and authoritarian regimes in the world. There is no freedom of religion, speech or movement. The country is one massive prison. Eritreans are not allowed to leave the country without the permission of its government which is notorious for arresting, detaining and torturing people without reason. The government’s latest victim is Eritrean Catholic Bishop Fikremariam Hagos who was arrested without reason on 15 October 2022.

He was arrested at Asmara airport on the 15th of October 2022 upon arrival from his pastoral duties overseas. He was not brought to any court of law and nobody knows the reason for his arrest. It is reported that two other Catholic priests, Abba Mihretab Stefanos and Abba Abraham, were arrested recently. This arrest of the bishop and the two priests is a continuation of other high ranking religious leaders arrests like his holiness Patriarch Antonios – the leader of the Eritrea Orthodox church – who passed on while under house arrest for 16 years. Dozens of other prominent religious leaders have disappeared.


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