• TUCOSWA (the Trade Union Congress of Swaziland) announced three days of protest action in the run-up to the elections. The first demonstration took place in Manzini on 18 September 2018. According to eyewitnesses, it was attended by approximately 10 000 people. Police responded by firing tear gas into the crowd and beating protestors with batons. Pictures below show the march itself, as well as some of those injured.



  • The killing of civilians continues with allegations of Cameroonian military hunting down internally displaced people hiding in the forests.
  • It was alleged that the Ambazonia separatists attacked 30 buses on the outskirts of Bamenda on the evening of 30 September, and assaulted more than 1 000 passengers. This report was rejected by Ambazonian leadership in Washington DC, in a press statement issued on 13 September. This was supported in an interview with Barrister and presidential candidate for the forthcoming elections, Mr Akere Muna, broadcast on Douala Based STV Television channel. Muna claimed that the Cameroonian government had staged the attack, and attributed it to “terrorists”, in an attempt to win votes in the Anglophone region. See
  • A story with a happy ending: a young woman identified only as Eileen was attacked by Cameroonian soldiers. She was found and sent to Austria for reconstructive surgery.


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