Ethiopia’s military launched a fresh airstrike on the Tigrayan capital of Mekele on Wednesday 20 October, just days after the first strikes hit targets in the city on Monday. The strikes were confirmed by Legesse Tulu, head of Ethiopia’s Government Communication Service, “It targeted the facilities that TPLF have turned into arms construction and repair armaments sites”, he said in a text message to AFP News Service. It is not immediately clear if there are any casualties from this strike. If there are any, they would add to the total of 3 children who were killed in the initial airstrike on Monday. A resident, who did not want to be named described the attack as follows: “It was heavy and the jet was so close. It has burned the whole compound. We don’t know the casualties but now the whole company is burned to ash. TPLFs Spokesman Getachew Reda lamented the attacks, saying on his Twitter account @reda_getachew, saying they are designed to cause injury to civilians and harm property. “Abiy’s reaction to his losses in the ongoing fighting is to target civilians hundreds of kms away from the battlefield.” The airstrikes have received intense criticism from the UN

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