Thursday September 16, 2021 saw the Cameroon Armed Forces suffer the worst casualties in the armed conflict. The incident involved the killing of 15 or more soldiers of the elite wing of the State Forces known as BIR, the French acronym for Rapid Intervention Brigade. The operation was executed by the ARFs under the command of the dreaded self-acclaimed Field Marshal No-Pity.

The entire population of Cameroon and beyond were stunned by video footages depicting two military armoured trucks ambushed by the aforementioned ARFs. Very gory scenes involves the two trucks going up in flames while the mutilated corpses of armed forces are stripped of their gear and tons of weaponry are extracted from the operation.

This attack took place on the Bamenda-Ndop-Kumbo highway in Bamessing Village precisely. It drew serious consternation from even the most indifferent to this conflict. Many have condemned the attacks, with the majority of people calling on the government of Cameroon order a ceasefire and call for dialogue.

The attack was launched immediately following a bloody previous week saw 7 soldiers killed in Kikaikilaki-Kumbo by an IED, 2 Gendarmes officers killed in Misaje, 2 others gunned down at Ntarinkon and 1 police officer who lost his life in Nkwen all in Bamenda.

The armed conflict in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon that began in 2016 with a handful of catapult wielding youths has evolved with the use of dane guns to AK-47s and now Improvised Explosive Devices. The non-state armed groups with no formal military training have self-trained themselves in war tactics as the conflict escalated and can now launch and execute a neat attack on the military and capture every detail live on video. This is a sign that things will only get worse unless the Cameroon government change the dynamics and call for dialogue.

The government of Cameroon is attempting to keep from public eye the gross human rights abuses on both sides and to give the impression that the situation is under control. However, civilian and military lives continue to be lost on a daily basis.

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