Buea, the administrative headquarter of the Southwest Region of Cameroon was the scene of the brutal shooting of a little girl on Thursday October 14, 2021 by a member of the National Gendarmerie Force.

The details of the regrettable incident are as follows:

The mother of the deceased girl was driving past a military checkpoint when she was stopped by the two officers. She hesitated and drove past them while informing them that she was running late as she was taking her daughter to school. One of the Gendarme officers opened fire at the shield of her car and the bullet hit the child on the head, shattering her skull and killing her instantly.

The irate population descended on the military officer and started manhandling him as his colleague stood by helpless. Unfortunately, before assistance could arrive the military officer was already dead as well.

Other sources say the military officer asked for a bribe of 500FCFA (USD 1) and the lady refused to comply and drove off, which caused the Gendarme officer to open fire on the vehicle.

DHPI got the name of the little girl as Enondiale Tchuengia Carolaise, a 6-year old Infants 1 pupil of the Catholic University Institute of Buea Academy of Talents Primary School Molyko – Buea.

The gruesome circumstances surrounding the death of the little girl caused commercial activities and circulation of commercial taxis to stop and the population marched with the corpse to the Governor’s office chanting “500 francs”!

Addressing the crowd, the Governor said appropriate sanctions will be taken against all those found guilty of the death of the little girl.

“I am fighting here (in the South West Region) for children to go to school. How is it that a child who is going to school is killed? It is a shock. Rest assured that I the Governor will ensure that those who committed this act will pay,” Bernard Okalia Bilai said before calling on the crowd to remain calm and deposit the child’s corpse at the mortuary.

The official Communique from the government, through the Communications Division of the Ministry of Defense, signed by Navy Captain Atonfac Cyrille Serge shows the usual tactic of damage control used by the government to always shift the blame to other parties. The document first of all wrongly identifies the driver of the car as a man and says he was trying to escape from the military before being shot at.

However, the official statement from the Bishop of Buea – Michael Miabesue Bibi, who is the Proprietor of the school which late Carolaise attended, states that the mother of the deceased was taking her to school and had the exchange with the military officer that resulted in the death of the little girl.

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