1. More Government Officials Arrested For Recruiting Insurgents

A Mozambican court has announced the arrest of two more public officials suspected of being part of a drug trafficking and recruitment network for the insurgency in Cabo Delgado, bringing the total number of detainees to 12. “Two more civil servants were detained,” one of the migration services and another of the notary services, António Marcos, a spokesman for the provincial court of Sofala, in the center of the country, told reporters.

According to the arrest warrant, both are suspected of the crime of criminal association. In total, “there are six migration service employees” in pre-trial detention, he said. Five other detainees are foreign nationals, the first to be arrested on June 21 with identity documents from Kenya and Somalia, which are suspected to be false. The arrests were made on the basis of information that the group was linked to drug trafficking to finance the illegal entry into the country of people who would join the armed groups that terrorize the northern province of Cabo Delgado.


2. UN to investigate violations against children in Mozambique

United Nations will investigate a series of violations against children in Mozambique and other countries with armed conflicts. “Severity and number of violations” on Mozambican soil worry, says the UN.

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres included Mozambique on a list of countries in conflict that will be monitored by the UN for violations against children, including murder, recruitment, sexual abuse and other forms of violence.

Also included in this list were countries such as Ukraine, which since February 24 faces the Russian invasion, Ethiopia, in addition to the Sahel region. Another 21 countries are already monitored due to the same situation. The information was forwarded on Monday (11.07) with the release of the annual report of the UN Secretary-General to the Security Council.

In the specific case of Mozambique, Guterres said the country has joined the UN watch list due to “the severity and number of reported violations” in the conflict in Cabo Delgado, including the recruitment and use of children in armed struggle, murders and mutilations, rapes and other forms of sexual violence, school attacks and abductions.

The UN said it had seen nearly 24,000 “serious violations” against children in 2021 worldwide. The highest numbers of rapes last year were the 2,515 murders and 5,555 child injuries, followed by the recruitment and use of 6,310 young people in conflict, the report said, without going into details of the locations of these statistics. Last year, according to the report, the number of child abductions increased by more than 20% and cases of sexual violence against children continued to increase, also by more than 20%. The highest number of “serious violations” by the UN has been reported in Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Israel, Palestine, Somalia, Syria and Yemen, the report said.

Despite the data released, Human Rights Watch and other advocacy organizations for children and young people have criticized the UN for not providing any meaningful information on violations against children in Ukraine, Ethiopia and Mozambique.


3. Rwandans Fear Xenophobic Attacks In Mozambique After Murder In Nampula

A Rwandan citizen was murdered at his home in Nampula city last Wednesday 6 July by individuals hitherto unknown. The crime raises fear and terror among the community. “We are scared because of what we see. First, we had our brother murdered in Maputo, then the journalist who disappeared. Up to now, we have no information of what caused these crimes. We are afraid ” a Rwandan interviewee told TVM. ” We are asking the government of Mozambique to protect the Rwandan] refugees.” another interviewee said.

The funeral was held on Monday. The Criminal Investigation Police (SERNIC) in Nampula says it is still investigating the case.


4. Insurgents Attack Military Camp Near Palma/Afungi

Mozambican militants on Saturday 9 July raided a military camp located near a site exploring a major gas field in the northern Cabo Delgado province. It was the third such attack against a military position in the province in less than two months. The attackers were reported to be looking for arms and food supplies. Local media outlets say there were fierce confrontations between soldiers and the suspected Islamists, with casualties on both sides.

Some soldiers are said to have abandoned the camp to seek refuge in the nearby town of Palma. The camp was shared by Rwandan soldiers, according to reports, although neither the Mozambican nor Rwandan army has responded to the reports.

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