“Terrorists killed 1357 people in Palma attack: Government and Total lied!” says US investigator Alex Perry


The Government falsified the data of the “massacre” of Palma. This fact was made public by the American journalist and researcher, Alex Perry. While the Executive speaks of dozens of dead, Perry, on the basis of an independent investigation, points out that the insurgents killed 1357 people among civilians and workers of the companies subcontracted by TotalEnergies. The U.S. investigator said the Defense and Security Forces do not have the capacity to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the insurgents. Alex Perry also accuses TotalEnergies of failing to honour its commitment to ensuring the safety of people on the perimeter of the largest foreign investment ever on the African continent.

The insurgents attacked the village of Palma on March 24, 2021, and on the 28th of the month in allusion, the Ministry of National Defense called a press conference without the right to questions to reveal that dozens of people died following the attacks. “A group of terrorists covertly penetrated the village headquarters of the district of Palma and unleashed actions that culminated in the cowardly murder of dozens of defenceless people and material damage to some government infrastructures,” said the then spokesman of the Ministry of National Defense, Omar Saranga.

While the Government speaks of dozens of dead, the American journalist and investigator, Alex Perry, on the basis of an investigation that lasted 15 months, points out that the data revealed by the Executive were withheld, since about 1357 people died among civilians and workers of the companies subcontracted by TotalEnergies. In fact, Perry called the Palma “massacre” the largest attack in the history of oil and gas, having accused the Government and TotalEnergies of omitting data. “The data is raw, it’s provisional. We did the double count, but I would like to have an independent audit, but I wanted to tell Total what would have happened because very clearly they didn’t know. I’m a journalist and I’m interested in facts. There was one fact about the Palma massacre that I didn’t know was simply how many people died. It took me five months and I spent $20,000 to figure that out. The fact is that 1357 people were killed. Al Shabab was merciless, Total didn’t count, they are basically the power in the region. The Mozambican authorities also did not count, this to me seems an omission that almost seems deliberate because everyone is aware that something terrible has happened, no one wants to quantify and I quantified it because it is my job,” Perry said in an interview with RDP Africa.

The American investigator revealed that about 184 victims of the 1357 are young, classifying the attack on the village of Palma as the second largest terrorist attack ever. “It is important to know that the ages range from two months to 105 years. 184 children were killed under the age of 18. On September 11, 2021, more than 3000 people were killed, but here it is half of that. This is the second biggest terrorist that has ever happened. It’s the worst disaster in the history of oil and gas.” Alex Perry exonerates the Defence and Security Forces of responsibility for the killings and beheadings in Palma, but declared that the security guarantees by Total and the Government were a real failure. “I don’t think anyone said the army beheaded people, so I think it was Al Shabab that beheaded people. I’m sure there were reprisals it’s a very undisciplined army, but everything in my research indicates that all the deaths were the fault of Al Shabab.

TotalEnergies is worth ten times more than Mozambique. This attack was aimed at TotalEnergies. They would not attack Total because the complex was defended, but they attacked all the workers who worked for the company and those who were outside the region. I tried to contact Total about the numbers, but they were silent or ignored. We are talking about a complete aberration of responsibility. The security guarantees were a complete failure on the part of Total who guaranteed the safety of the people by saying that the army was going to protect them, but it did nothing it was a failure in all its parts and they don’t want to accept that failure.” Alex Perry stressed that it was the terrorists who killed people. However, it blames the French multinational, as it has hired about 600 military personnel to protect its facilities and the people who are on the perimeter of the largest foreign investment ever on the African continent. “TotalEnergies bears responsibility because when the insurgents attacked they went out and closed their gates, the managers got into helicopters and left. They abandoned everyone and as a result 1357 people died. Total had guaranteed security and when the attack happened it did not fulfill its promise, it let people die,” Perry said, later pointing out that the Mozambican army, in addition to being incapable, is composed of drug and wildlife traffickers. “In today’s world only a capable, efficient and disciplined entity can control a civil war or a group of rebels… In fact Mozambique is one of the most corrupt states in the world, the army is a mafia organization that smuggles a little bit all over the world. They traffic in precious stones, animal skins, and drugs. The CIA has named Maputo as the largest exporter of drugs more than once in its reports. Asking the Mozambican army to act like an army is the same as asking a bunch of traffickers to be an army, they just can’t. You cannot spend time in demanding accountability from this army because everyone knows that it is a corrupt institution. It’s ridiculous for Total to hire this army to protect people. Mozambique is a failed state, the problem is the people who ally themselves with this failure and Total has done that.” (Text: Evidence Journal)

“Terrorists killed 1357 people in Palma attack: Government and Total lied!” says US investigator Alex Perry (integritymagazine.co.mz)

The Bishop of Pemba, Bishop Juliasse Sandramo, reacted to the report at a Mass held for the formation of missionaries in the Chapel of the Catholic University of Mozambique in Pemba. Visibly moved, he said that the information caused him deep pain, and regretted the fact that the information is only emerging now. “If the data is not disproportionate, then we had in Cabo Delgado a massacre that nobody has mentioned before. In addition to other deaths in this war, there are thousands of families who have not received condolences. I hope the government will get to the task of confirming the disclosed data. “, and if applicable, decree a moment of national mourning for Mozambicans to mourn other Mozambicans barbarically massacred in Palma.

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