1. Police Confirm: State Officials Accused of Collaborating with Terrorism

In the Mozambican province of Sofala, five migration officials were arrested, suspected of facilitating drug trafficking, associated with terrorism, which has plagued Cabo Delgado since 2017. According to the National Criminal Investigation Service (SERNIC), there are “strong indications” that the five detainees are linked to five foreign nationals arrested on Tuesday 21 June, accused of involvement in terrorism. The five detainees were identified as employees of the Provincial Migration Service in Sofala, and were involved in different sectors of processing documents of entry and exit in the country. Sernic spokesman in the province, Alfeu Sitoi, confirmed that officials are suspected of facilitating the entry of foreigners and were detained following an arrest warrant in connection with the arrest of the other five citizens. “We confirm that there are, yes, detained officials involved in this case. Five migration officials are in custody and there are indications of involvement in the case of foreign nationals, presented on Tuesday,” Sitoi said.

On Tuesday, Mozambican police detained four men and a woman in Beira, suspected of recruiting people for drug trafficking, who will serve as a source of financing for terrorism in the north of the country. In their possession they had machetes, drugs and suspicious documents, which were seized by the police. A light vehicle with communication equipment of dubious origin was also confiscated.

The National Criminal Investigation Service says that investigations are underway that may culminate in the arrest of more state officials linked to the processing of documents, both in the Migration Services, the National Directorate of Civil Identification and the National Institute of Support for Refugees.


2. Cabo Delgado: Nkoe population Flee After Attack

Several people in the Nkoe community in Macomia, Cabo Delgado, fled the village following an exchange of fire between rebels and government forces. According to local sources, the exchange of fire, between rebels and government forces, took place on Thursday (23.06). The community of NkoƩ, home to part of the displaced from Ancuabe, is 30 kilometres from the village of Nova Zambezia, Macomia district, along national road 380, the only paved road connecting the north and south of Cabo Delgado.


3. Three Killed In New Cape Delgado Attack

At least three people died, including a pregnant woman, following a new attack by rebels on Sunday night (26.06) in the community of Mihecani in Ancuabe district, south of Cabo Delgado. “They entered the village around 9:00 p.m. and were praying as if they were Muslims. We even suspected, but it was too late and some were found by surprise,” a resident of the village who managed to escape to the Ancuabe district reported. In addition to killing three local residents, including a pregnant woman, the rebels set fire to several homes, causing dozens of people to flee.

This is the second attack on the community of Mihecani in less than two weeks, according to reports from another source who sought refuge in the community of Sunate, 33 kilometers from the Ancuabe district head office. “The population was convinced that they would not attack again because the Defense and Security Forces have intensified patrol actions,” said a source who fled in the rebels’ first incursion.

Rebel incursions into the southern province have resulted in deaths in number by determining and a new wave of some 17,000 displaced people, as well as an impact on the region’s economic activity.

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